Dior Exhibition in Shanghai


In the people square’s park there is the MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, which presents these days an amazing exhibition about Christian Dior. This exhibition runs until the 10th of November.


First sketches and brand’s history

You start the visit with Christian Dior’s first dresses sketches, made in the 40’s and 50’s. These dresses and clothes were a very new style at that time. And this is what the following video explains: the designer, who created his brand in 1947, wanted to give back to women the femininity and the luxury they couldn’t have during the war. This video contains amazing records of that time, and it makes you understand how this new style was a real revolution in fashion, in the western society and for the women. In one fashion show, Christian Dior became famous all over the world. In fact all the Medias were talking about it as a “bomb” for that time. This video presents the whole brand’s history, and it is interesting to notice that the famous Yves Saint Laurent started working for Dior before having his own brand for example.


Dior collections

After this introduction you find in the exhibition several rooms with Christian Dior’s outfit classified by theme: “from pink to red”, “Dior’s garden”. You see clothes from different times: the 50’s the 60’s the 80’s, clothes from these days, all mixed beautifully. In the “garden” room you will see the last clothes of the brand designed by Raf Simons. But you find also in these rooms, some special objects, such as the first hats, the first shoes of the brand, the first bottles of Perfume… The light is special in every room, sometimes dark, sometimes sparkling, and it make a special mood in each room.



The ad campaigns are also there, pictures of different times, with famous models, like the ads made by the famous Patrick Demarchelier for example.

You will also find in some rooms the exuberant but sophisticated clothes design by John Galliano, when his was the designer of the brand.

Another room presents the last collection’s video made by the famous couple Ines van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, who often work for Vogue and for famous artists such as Lady Gaga, called “secret gardens 2”. The story in this video happens partially in the Versailles Castle, which is empty in the movie, letting the audience discover the castle as they would never see it.

When you continue the visit, you see a room where you find the real dressmakers of Dior, working in front of you, explaining their work to the visitors, with even translators for the Chinese audience.


After that are the rooms dedicated to art, where you find clothes inspired by famous artists such as Picasso, Matisse… And beside these clothes you find some great artworks of Chinese contemporary artists. For example, beside the cloth inspired by Picasso is a portrait of Christian Dior made by Zeng Fanzhi. You also have a huge Marilyn wearing a Dior dress painted by Yan Lei in his typical kind of psychedelic style.


Another room is totally dedicated to “stars in Dior”, where you find the dresses worn by international actresses and princesses, with a video presenting other images of stars. You have every star wearing Dior from Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly to Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger., but also the Chinese stars such as Zhang Ziyi.

Finally in the last room you have the collections of jewelry, with masterpieces and sketches of famous jewels. Some have been made by the well known Victoire de Castellane.



To conclude we can say that this exhibition is great because they succeeding in presenting the best of the French Luxury and Life-style adapted to the Chinese audience, in a magnificent way, without falling in the bling-bling style.


There is no better promotion and way of communicating about the brand in a country which is the first luxury market (counting the luxury products bought by Chinese people abroad), and which is at least the most dynamic and promising luxury market.

To remind you, Dior has already 18 stores in China in the biggest cities. To know more you can read this article about the best practice of digital in the Chinese luxury market. You can also visit Dior Chinese website.

Discover here the video of the exhibition’s making of:



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