Discover a new method to find a husband


Many women come from across China were present in Shanghai’s Love and Marriage Expo to learn one or two advices on the way to find a husband.

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Liang Yali, a Chinese girl is currently making a big buzz in China. Indeed, she is the founder of the training program Seek-a-husband, teaches in the metropolis for years. It will have been necessary only 90 days so that her training program teaching to the single women how to find a husband know a big success.

Liang Yali: a new heroine

After a short month and a half, Liang managed to find the American husband of its dreams. He is a managing director of a big multinational. It is in 2009 that she decided on to launch on the market of the “weddings” after her experience as single mother / divorced. Her motivation is to create in mass her happiness.

Her training program helps mainly the women of more than 35 years and the divorcees to find husbands of the elite of Occidental. However, the customers are more and more young. Launched in Shanghai, its program knows a big success but also a lot of controversy. She would boast of her success by declaring a 60 % success rate.

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According statistics of Ministry of Civil Affairs, the continent counted in 2011 about 2,87 million divorced couples. Of more, a second study carried out the last year, showed than 70 % of the women of the continent would like to get married to a man possessing at least an apartment.

Liang declared in the newspaper Modern Express, that many Chinese women of more than 35 years old have difficulties finding a husband in the country. However on the Occidental, and in mind of many foreigners, the women old of 35 years are considered as more intelligent. She teaches how the women should choose by the appropriate targets, but also how to sell their charm and its intelligence.