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How do we help you to sell and distribute your product in China?

One of the most common methods for foreign companies seeking to sell and distribute products within China is to use a local distributor. A main step for company looking to expand to China is therefore to establish the availability of a serious and competent distributor.

E-brochure & Website in Chinese

We register and manage your Product on the Chinese platforms.

E-reputation - PR - Advertising - social media

Management of the image of your hotel and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.


Marketing to Distributors

We increase the results of your restaurant on the search engine


Distribution Strategy + execution

We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

Introduction – E-brochure & Website in Chinese

E-Brochures & Chinese websites have been designed to provide comprehensive information about your Products to the Chinese customers.

When you look at major Chinese sites like Sohu.com and Sina.com, you might wonder why they seem so complex and why the text takes up so much space. It’s true that the sites are different from their western counterparts who center more on simplicity and graphical description.

The most important thing that any foreign company wanting to promote their business in China can do is to create a website in Chinese that attracts the consumers in China.If you want to know the secrets to create a great website with the chance to reach nearly 600 million internet users in China, GMA could help and offer you an inspiration.


Marketing for Distributors


Distributors will not sell your products if they think Chinese customers will not buy them. You, therefore, need to spread your brand’s image on Chinese websites or social networks in order for consumers to learn more about your products. Integrated on e-commerce platforms, consumers will be able to find your products.


Many companies struggle to determine and operationalize campaigns to keep those partners active and productive. Marketing for distributor brands can be highly experimental, with little to no financial risk to them. You can try different things and fail without worrying that you will lose a large amount of money or damage your reputation.


  • Optimize your website for searches
  • Make use of pay-per-click advertising
  • Develop a Chinese website
  • Create engaging content and media that ranks well
  • Create social media profiles
  • Make it easy for potential customers to contact you.


E-reputation – PR – Advertising – social media

Our Online Reputation Management services are built to enable us to customize our services according to the need of your company. Our main goal is to enhance your E-reputation and protect your company from false comments and negative remarks. Our E-reputation management service is guaranteed to remove all negative messages, promote positive messages and proactively monitor your online reputation.

GMA experts will continuously monitor the search engine algorithms and broadcast positive and trust-building materials and build trust towards your brand and service. Our target is to increase your online presence by posting materials and articles specifically intended to enhance and endorse your company’s online presence.

We use our highly efficient innovative search engine optimization techniques on search engine platforms such as Baidu, Google as well as Chinese social media, to ensure you the best ranked and most visible information about your company.


Distribution Strategy + execution

Selling your product in China isn’t very easy, the process could be long. Therefore you need to engage your customers in your products awareness and loyal to your brand. Build a good relationship with them, communicate with them and listen to their expectations and what they really need. The digital channel is your best solution for that, especially in the Chinese market where apps and social media are a daily life of consumers.

A well-established company with a good network of contact could not be enough to your manage your business. There are some important factors in choosing a distributor to include:

– Contact distributors

– Trade Fair

– Follow Contact

– Sale Solution

– Animation Distributors

– Lead generation Distributors

With our China Digital Lead Agency and Account Management services, we can guide you through the entire process. We are your eyes in China. We are a specialist of the Chinese market with seven years of experience.


Online Retailers – Daigou

As the demand of international products increase Daigou stores allow Chinese shoppers to send goods to China.

For many foreign brands, being able to sell their products in China is the ultimate goal, even it has been out of reach of many because of the costs and associated risks.

Daigou provides an important and complete cross-border solution for any foreign brands looking to sell into China. GMA provides brands with a fully managed and operated eStore on the Daigou Online Marketplace, cross-border payments, and shipping solutions. Leveraging the Chinese living overseas and buying/sending goods back to China (D2C channel) is the most cost-effective and lowest risk to selling and marketing your products to consumers living in China.


Marketing to China it's also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Our Case Studies


Phaenna is a Razoul Product Brand from Morocco 

Challenge: Sell a Maximum of Product with Discount Price.

Our Actions

– Website


-KOL Product Testing

– Taobao Shop

Results :

20 000 products Sold within 2 months.



Our Solutions

Taobao Development

B2B market

  • SEO to get Visibility



Challenge: Lingerie Brand

Find a distributor and start to sell their collection

Our Solutions




Results: find a Big Distributor

=> 20 000 units order



Our Solutions:

– Buzz marketing

– Online Game

– Poster design


We organized a game whose goal was that girls send pictures of them disguised as a princess. We received more than 200 hundred pictures and some of them became viral. 56 articles were published about the game.

The video we realized has been viewed by more than 1,72 million of people.


Export: 130 Distributors and more than 130 000 products