The double eleven is coming and matching with the Wuzhen World Internet Conference. Since Tmall takes most of the market share during the double eleventh period, a lot of business owner should wonder what will be the strategies of the other e-commerce platforms in China?



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Netease CEO: NetEase won’t participate in Taobao double eleven

During the opening of Wuzhen World Internet Conference, Netease founder and CEO Ding Lei said in response to a question from the Beijing News reporter that NetEase will soon be offline, but he clearly said that it will not build logistics.

When Ding Lei answered the reporter, he revealed that he would not participate in the Taobao Double Eleven event. “I think it is enough to use our platform. We use Kaola, Yanxuan, peace of mind and benefits.”

This year is the 10th anniversary of the “Tmall Double Eleven”. Over the years, the sales of Tmall Double 11 climbed to a new high. Last year, the total transaction volume reached 168.2 billion yuan.

For the expectation of double eleven sales this year, Ding Lei said that consumer satisfaction is his biggest expectation, a good platform is double eleven every day, do not need to choose a day to tighten pants to buy things.

Ding Lei believes that the value of business existence is not to kill who, but to meet the needs of some users.

Pinduoduo is ready for the double eleven

Pingduoduo said today that there are more than one million merchants participating in the “Double Eleven”. Before November 16th, the digital 3C, home appliances, apparel and other products including the latest iPhones will be launched.

Pingduoduo logistics related person in charge said that since November, the number of “Double Eleven” packages has soared, especially the number of agricultural products wrapped up to 4 million single/day. Through the “direct production” mode, the “three rural” employees in the area covered by Pingduoduo will achieve substantial increase in revenue during the “Double Eleven” period.

Pingduoduo said that the platform will continue to increase the “doubles” action, strictly control the platform merchants and product quality, fulfill the promise of return-related platform services, and ensure that consumers can buy with confidence.