Why Chinese really like short videos on Mobile?

For entertainment: Yes!

Example of Douyin Video

videos can be based on various themes: cooking, travel, music, fashion … Short videos are often brief, with very lively, funny, or useful, even emotional shared contents. Moreover, it is often ordinary people behind the screen, shooting their everyday’s life. This fact creates a sense of closeness to the audience. Comments below each video also make the connection between users. Apps set a simple system for filming and creating videos, allowing anyone to be able to publish if he wishes to do.

Douyin is Convenient? yes

The current trend is for videos of very short duration (ranging from 10s to 1min) because they allow transmitting information quickly and directly. With one click, users can view the content and surf easily on the apps through their smartphone. This is easier than reading articles and navigating on the screen. It represents a relaxing time and also a practical way to fill the free moments of a day.

By time constraint and the fast pace of life in China, Chinese often seek to go fast. They want to optimize even a fraction of their free time. Among other things, short videos also include small daily tips, jokes, current news and trends on the web. We can easily observe in some Chinese city’s transport, a swarm of people on their phone (in the Shanghai subway we can hear the following message: “Do not look at your phone, watch out for the walk”). To illustrate this phenomenon, a name has even appeared to designate these people: “heads down” (低头族 di tou zu).

Users profile: Millenials, and White Collars

The population of young adults, aged between 18 – 35 YO account for nearly 70% of users. They are very connected to each other and actively share interesting content, which promotes the promotion of this kind of apps. Having seized on this new trend, Alibaba and Tencent both invested a lot in supporting the development of short videos on their own internet platform.

From the point of view of videos makers, as we have seen above, the grip is fast and does not require much investment, everyone as long as he has an idea can create his or her own video. Many people have become 网红 wanghong (web-celebrities) through their short videos and even become Key Opinion Leader. By accumulating followers, it represents a base of potential leads for brands. Some of them do at the same time their own business, e-commerce most of the time. This reality is one of the reasons that motivate a lot of people to publish, share their creation, seeking to build their own followers network.


The hottest short video apps in China

抖音 DouYin

Douyin is a music video social network app for video creation, messaging and live to broadcast. The application has a base of hot BGM (background music) and special effects on which users can rely to generate their videos. Like a fusion of Dubsmash / Vine applications, DouYin is easy to handle and users get hooked very quickly (they even talk about poison, to describe its addictive side). One of the challenges on the app that created the biggest buzz in 2017 is named  “karma is a bitch” (video compilations are available on YouTube). This challenge is very close to the “do not judge me challenge” appeared in 2015.

Videos on Douyin often end with an unexpected way, often funny, astonishing or, which help to rise up “likes”,


comments and sharing of videos. Douyin’s reputation is based on its ability to create content and challenges that engage users.


美拍 MeiPai

On Meipai, the videos are on a longer average duration than other short video apps. Meipai also includes a wide range of topics. Meipai has become less popular after the rising of douyin, but it is better for inserting advertising in videos because of their longer duration. Some KOLs make make-up tutorials, others make short movie video. By the way, special effects on meipai for the realization of the videos are worked so as to embellish the catches. (“Mei” meaning beautiful and “pai” the verb to film). More information on Meipai

微信小视频 Wechat short video

Since 2016, wechat (the most used application in China) has become aware of the importance of videos. As a result, it has integrated the possibility of publishing them within its ecosystem. In addition to articles, photos, phrases, you can also shoot quickly and share shots. In its latest version, the evolution continues, we can now import the videos ourselves from our laptops, add details such as text or emoticons. more information about Wechat Marketing

It is important to follow what is happening in China, in order to understand consumer trends. With the development of multiple communication channels, brands must both have an online presence to compete but also monitor their reputation.

Douyin is a Good Marketing support for Brands?

Yes but it needs High investment, so it is not for Small & Middle Brand. The key is to choose the Right Influencers Channel or to do the live streaming show with the right Channel.

We can help you with that.


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