It is not a dream: Abercrombie and Fitch finally opened a flagship store in Shanghai!

Great news for this famous ready-to-wear fashion store! This Saturday, the brand A & F has decided to open a new store in Shanghai, which will be followed by another 100 throughout China in the next decade! Craig Brommers, vice president of the marketing department of Ohio, says that “the brand is expanding into the Chinese territory”. Indeed, the Chinese population represents an important target and offers great opportunities for the success of A & F.

According to Brommers, “China will be the largest potential market for our brands”. He insists in saying that A & F ” is entering into a flagship period” and “now knows a great reputation.” “We feel great excitement following the opening of this new store”. The company also announced that a new “target niche” is going to appear in China: casual luxury.

Chinese consumers seem to be looking for something that goes beyond the logo and “we believe that the consumers will love the casual sophistication offered by A & F” says Brommers. So, the store has been opened to the public this Saturday, April 19, 2014. It is located on the famous Nanjing West Road, very strategic place, and extends over four floors in a tall glass building. The staff team is composed of young men shirtless with puffy muscles wearing the famous perfume that attacks you from the store entrance. They are based in front of the door to attract consumers and make them enter into the ready-to-wear paradise!

Finally, the giant has succeeded his goal to invade the Chinese market!

Everyone is beautiful, everyone is thin! Welcome to Abercrombie!


Here are some pictures that give a glimpse of the big day for A & F:

AF models