There are two videos spreading quite fast in the first half of this year. They are the most popular spoof promotion videos on youku(the biggest video website in China).

Chinese Spoof Video


Video 1


The first one is made by Hu Ge.

(Hu Ge: one of the first spoof video makers in China. In the end of 2005, he made a spoofy video called “The murder caused by a Mantou” which draws materials from the movie “the promise”.  This spoof video got so popular that the times of its downloads is more than that of the movie. )

This video decribes a boy who just dumped by his girlfriend wants to suicide unless the girl calls him. So his friends use a variety of methods to call him from different numbers. Then “QQ cellphone housekeeper”(A software developed by Tencent) comes out and filter all the unwanted calls, only the girl’s number allowed in. In the end,  the gril called but she said, “sorry, I dialed wrong number”.

Reaction from visitors

The account publish this video on Youku is the official account of Hu Ge which has been visited 11 million times.

This video has been viewed on youku for 1.37 million times, with about 6.8 thousand ups and 1.8 thousand downs.

There are 789 comments on this video. Most of the commets are like “哈哈哈哈笑死我了,胡戈的广告作品,亮点在最后哈!”(hahahaha, it’s so funny, the advertising work from Hu Ge, highlight’s in the end!)

And a big portion of their comments are from other website like qq weibo and sina weibo.


Video 2


The other one is claimed to be made by “cucn201”.

(cucn201: a dubbing group consisting of 4 boys. They are famous for dubbing funny Japanese cartoons. Many words created by them become catchword now. )

This video tells a story of a boy who prepares to send his girlfriend a box of mooncakes. However, he lost the mooncakes on his way to the Post. After checking many stroes, supermarkets, only to find all the mooncakes are sold out, he becomes desperate. Then comes the “Mooncake Service” of China Post.

Reaction from visitors

The account publish this video on Youku is “恋家的孩子1984” which has also been visited 11 million times, but in fact, the video is not made by “cucn201”.

This video has been viewed on youku for 5.32 million times, with about 1.1 thousand ups and 674 thousand downs.

There are 205 comments on this video. However, most commets are not positive to the video such as “打着日和的的标题,播月饼的广告~不该顶。”(a commercial with the title of cucn should not be up) or “操你MA的标题党” (f*%k the title spammer).

Very few comments are from other webstie.


These two videos are both published by powerful accounts. However, the reaction of the second video is not so good. It arouse antipathy instead of affection from their visitors. But in fact, there are a few mistakes in the second video and it is not as funny as the first one. What’s make it even worse is this video is not made by “cucn201”.

The first video is viewed 1.3 million times and gets 6,800 ups. On the other hand, the second video has been viewed 4 times more while gets only one-fifth of ups. If the viewers can not get interested in the video, it will be more difficult for them to get interested in the service of the China Post.

Many viewers put comment on the first video from other websites while the other one not. It means the first video is also promoted on other website.

To sum up, more and more Chinese companies now realize the importance of video viral marketing now. However, some of the are not mature enough to make a good video online promotion compaign. For example, the quality of video and promotion still needs improvement.

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