Mar.15 is the International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests. In China, it is also the day for those “post-deleting companies”. It is reported that the minimum price for deleting one post has arisen to 2000 RMB. Who buys it? Who sells it? How is the effect? How much they cost?


To dig deeper, Legal Evening News picked 3 companies to study.

It pretends to be a fish shop owner, facing food security problems and negative reports have been spread everywhere. It asks the three companies to delete all those reports.
The first “post-deleting company” reject because it involves food security.
The second one charged 3800 RMB for the news and 1200 for the other articles. But they don’t ensure complete clearing.
The last one said they can clear all the posts completely.
What’s shown bellow is the price list of the last company:

post-deleting price list

Posts on portal: 3000-3800
Print media website: 3800
Popular forum: 3800
Portal weibo: 3500
SNS forum: 2800
Special website: 2600(unit: yuan)

Situation now

Some companies would like to spend tens of thousands, even millions of RMB on this for one year to avoid online PR crisis.
Now the government has discovered this and launched campaign against those illegal online PR agencies.
If search “删帖公司”(post-deleting company) on baidu, you will discover that many results are already filtered.

results for post-deleting online reputationthe bonded lines means: According to relevant laws and regulations and policies, part of the search results not display.


This shows:

  • Companies realize the importance of online reputation in China now
  • There is a huge demand for online reputation control
  • Many companies do not know how to control their online reputation

According to relevant laws and regulations and policies, part of the search results not display