The E-reputation Control of Galeries Lafayette


Galeries Lafayette has become a must for Chinese tourists who travel in France. However, they are not so good at the reputation control in China.

According to a report from Wenjuanxing, 66.17% of the tourists check online before they decide the destination.

It means the information online can influence the decision of 66.17% of the tourists.

If the information online is positive to the image of the destination, it will push the tourists to choose them and vice versa.



What is the situation for those companies’ E-reputation now? Taking Galeries Lafayette as an example.

Situation now

result on Google

Typing “老佛爷 购物”(Lafayette shopping) on Google, we can get 10 results. And the first two titles you see are:

e-reputation lafayette google -1(translation: Secret: Lafayette gets a rake-off up to 15% from customers)

e-reputation lafayette google -2 (translation: My experience of being cheated in Lafayette )

Another one close to the bottom is:

e-reputation lafayette google -3(translation: Chinese tourists insulted in Lafayette got compensation)

What’s interesting is all these three articles appearing on the first page of the Google result for “Lafayette shopping”.

What’s more interesting is these three articles were put in 2008, 4 solid years ago.

What’s more, there is only one article with positive content to Lafayette on the first page:

e-reputation lfy google +1

(translation: Galeries Lafayette-a unique shopping experience)

results on baidu

Typing “老佛爷 购物”(Lafayette shopping) on Baidu, we can get 10 results on the first page. Within these 10 results, four of them are negative reports:e-reputation lfy baidu -1

(translation: Chinese couple insulted in Lafayette, tour guide takes 15% rackoff)

e-reputation lfy baidu -2

(translation: don’t go shopping in Lafayette)e-reputation lfy baidu -3



e-reputation lfy baidu -4

(translation: no need to go shopping in Lafayette)

In fact, it is impossible to find any positive news on the first page of Baidu searching result for “Lafayette shopping”.

Most of the negative reports about Lafayette are around the topic “Chinese couple insulted in Lafayette”. However, after 4 years, no online reputation control is done.

Imagine when Chinese tourists who want to know about Galeries Lafayette search its information online and discover this?!


The problem of Lafayette is the four-year long negative reports. On the other hand, Lafayette enjoys a high popularity in China, way better than its competitors. In fact, Galeries Lafayette has become almost as important as Eiffel Tower for Chinese tourists. So it will be helpful for them to keep those tourists if they

  1. SEO the page of positive content
  2. Open a website in Chinese

By this way, Lafayette can reduce the influence of the negative reports and brand themselves a good image.

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