E-tourism websites in China: a growing success

China is a country which has the largest number of travelers in these recent years. That’s why travel agencies are overwhelmed by major transportation and hotel reservations. 90% of the Chinese population is now connected to the Internet. Chinese citizens spend half of their day staring at their smart phone or on their computer.

Big success


The rise of travel sites online is not a random phenomenon! Indeed, the various platforms such as Ctrip, eLong or Qunar are the main competitors on the market which have to share the customers. It is now very easy for an internet user to book all of its travel. It can in fact:

– Comparing prices on specialized sites

– Booking transport

– Reading forums / blogs

– Booking hotel

– Booking a tour

– Sharing experiences with other travelers

Everything is possible! This category of online websites close the opportunities of the offline travel agencies. It is now compulsory to own a site and be present on the Chinese web. With better visibility, you will gain more customers!


Booking with your CTRIP

Ctrip is the platform that allows traveler to do reservations for hotels and transports. It holds 8,000 employees. It uses very competitive prices and a quality service that meets all the needs of customers. Travelers have access to a rating system for hotels.

However, Elong is plummeting. The site stood at the second position for a long time but since it has totally exploded. The weakness of the offers, the lack of investment in the field of marketing and the lack of awareness of its platform caused his fall.


Finally, today the majority of Chinese travelers do their research online information and book their holidays on Internet. The weakness of traditional agency services and poverty backgrounds of major national agencies gave the opportunity for online players to explode.


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