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All about e-commerce in China

Chinese spend about 4 hours on their phones for social networking and for shopping. In face, consumers are nearly guided to do everything on it China has become, over these years of development, a very connected society. Digitalization is gaining more and...

Luxury E-Commerce is Booming in China

It’s no longer a secret that China has the fasted growing consumer rate in the entire world for Luxury Consumption. In addition to that, the luxury e-commerce market is increasing very fast with the new Generation of Luxury Buyers :: the Millenials. What...

Guide to Understanding the E-Commerce Market in China

E-Commerce Market in China is developing very fast these few decades. A Guide to The Complex & Unique Chinese Online Retail Landscape: China E-Commerce is 'Just the Beginning': I was lucky enough to be invited to Alibaba’s London HQ last month for talks on China...

How to attract Chinese in your store?

Nowadays, our way of consuming is more and more revealing of our identity. Indeed, we do not consume only by need (get dressed, get food...). Every purchase is more considered because it reflects our identity. Consuming today is aking to a form of "social skills". It...

Amazon in China Try to Regain Shares

Amazon try to expand their activities in China   Amazon drives up recruitment in China In an attempt to regain shares in the online shopping market from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, is recruiting almost a thousand employees for Alexa. They are hiring...