What Chinese Outbound Tourists will Consider for Hotels


China has already taken the place of Japan and become the No.1 outbound tourism market. According to World Travel Organization, there will be 100 million Chinese travel abroad in 2020. AC Nielsen and Pacific Asia Travel Association also point that the expense of Chinese outbound tourist is close to ¥21,000 ($3,300). Among all the tourism destinations, Europe sells best to Chinese tourists, Chinese spend $5,252 per person averagely in Europe. The report from AC Nielsen also shows that Chinese tourists like high level of hotels very much. One in three of them will choose four-star hotels and one tenth of them will choose to stay in 5-star hotel.

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How Chinese tourist Choose hotels

According to “A Study of Lodging Preferences of Chinese Outbound Tourists”, which covers Chinese tourists of group tourists, self-service tourists, all ranges of ages, different kinds of purposes, the major 5 concerns of Chinese tourists are safety, convenient transportation, price, environment and business reason.

Effects that influence the choice of outbound tour hotel

Effects that influence the choice of outbound tour hotel


According to the table, we can see safety is the no.1 concern for Chinese outbound tourists. 87% of the interviewees put safety as heir priority.

One possible reason is that most Chinese outbound tourists travel aboard for the first time. According to the data from “Wu’han Night”, there are 4.5 million tourists from 57.4 million Chinese tourists travelling for the first time.

Another possible reason is that family pressure. As shown by China outbound tourism research team, 55.1% of the tourists are from nuclear families. In Chinese nuclear families, women take more decisions and they are more conservative.

Convenient trasportation

The second priority is convenient transportation. In fact, convenient transportation is important to all the tourists around the world. Chinese tourists are the same, what’s more, most of them are still not that advanced in English which makes convenient transportation even more important.


cost price

cost price

Price, of course is important to outbound tourists from China where people are quite sensitive to price. Chinese customers are highly price sensitive shoppers. For example, during the “Qingming” festival, the Chinese customers spend 160% more in Lotte shopping mall during the discount time than usual, the JoongAng Daily reports. So price plus multi-media and name is clear and impressive to Chinese customers. (Attract chinese tourists)

Environment and business

Following important factors are environment and business reason.

The environment of the hotel also influence Chinese tourists a lot and US hotels have already taken action for that.

ABC reports, Major hotel brands are bending over backward to cater to the needs of the world’s most sought-after traveler: the Chinese tourist.
Now arriving on American shores in unprecedented numbers thanks to a streamlined visa process and a rising Chinese middle class, Chinese tourists are being treated to the comforts of home when they check in at the front desk. That means tea in rooms, congee for breakfast and Mandarin-speaking hotel employees.
Chinese “welcome programs” at chains like the Marriott and Hilton even address delicate cultural differences: No Chinese tour group should be placed on a floor containing the number four, which sounds like the word for death in Mandarin.
“They’re very relieved, like finally somebody’s doing these things that make sense,” said Robert Armstrong, a sales manager who handles bookings for Chinese travelers at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.
Marriott International, now offers several Chinese breakfasts, depending upon which region of China the traveler hails from: there are salted duck eggs and pickled vegetables for eastern Chinese, for example, and dim sum and sliced pig’s liver for the southerners.
Major chains are also training employees to avoid cultural missteps that would offend a Chinese visitor. Superstition is a big one: Red is considered a lucky color, along with the number eight, which signifies wealth.

Unlike tourists from other countries, Chinese tourists put brand of hotel, decoration behind, but price, transportation, environment are more important. So for the hotel managers, if they want to attract Chinese customers, they should consider more about safety, price instead of service.

Do you know how to promote your brand according to Chinese tourists’ taste now?

(Source: A Study of Lodging Preferences of Chinese Outbound Tourists)

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