A life-sized replica of the Sphinx in China’s Hebei province

In China, you can find a copy of pretty much anything you want. Now you can add monuments to that list with life-sized replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza.


Egypt is no longer the only one to enjoy the mysterious nose less stone chimera: Shijiazhuang in the Hebei province has one too now. The Egyptian antiquities department told that as soon as Egypt became aware of the Chinese great Sphinx it filed a complaint to UNESCO against China for international regulations violation.

Ali El-Asfar, the chairman of the Egyptian antiquities department explains that the copy is not only inaccurate but can potentially harm the country tourism industry. They therefore asked China to know the purpose of that structure. Should it be for leisure purpose, Egypt should have been told. Other people from the department understand that the Middle Kingdom didn’t mean any harm in the construction of its Sphinx even though it will have a negative effect on the original’s value

So what now? What kind of measures will UNESCO take against China regarding this case? How will China react?


However it is definitively hard to tell the real influence of the Sphinx in Shijiazhuang over the original one. Anyway the story merits another word of warning to China.

  • Dear readers, do you think UNESCO has the means do something about this situation?
  • Should the copy be kept?