Not enough SEO experts in China


Baidu  Inc., the Chinese technology company and search engine, has confirmed that it has opened its certification system for the public. The company aims to improve the training of professional talents of Internet marketing.

Baidu Certification is a complete professional certification marketing search engine launched by the company. Over the past two years, the Baidu certification system apparently filed more than 3,000 talents of Internet marketing for clients and agents. However, the supply of talent in this area is still not sufficient enough due to the explosive growth of Internet marketing in China.


To meet the demand, Baidu announced that it will open its certification system to Chinese society. Meanwhile, it will collaborate with Chinese universities, professional educational institutions, industry associations and leading companies, to jointly launch a project alliance of talent training.

A representative from Baidu told the local media that the Baidu certification system is divided into four classes, and it is intended primarily for Internet marketing professionals, and those who want to join this industry. Vocational training should help improve the knowledge and skills of marketing concepts, data analysis, implementation and account management, optimization for search engines and search engine marketing.


According to a recent report published jointly by Baidu and in 2012, the Chinese demand for talented Internet marketing is about 1.16 million; however, about 550,000 to 650,000 jobs will not be filled. Over the next three years, the demand will still grow at a rate of 30%.

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