The Entertainment Market in China has growth Rapidly and most of Internet Giants are investing in this Market now.

A market encouraged and stimulated by the Chinese government

In five years, the Chinese entertainment industry has grown rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 17%. This growth is justified by two factors.

The first concerns the development of the Chinese middle class. The revaluation of wages allows Chinese households to have higher purchasing power. Therefore the recreational expenditure item is more consistent and individuals are consuming more and more in a way to indulge themselves.

Moreover, the government’s determination to make this industry a vector of growth of the Chinese economy. Indeed, in 2014, the government invested 800 million yuan to boost the market and allow the industry to represent 5% of GDP. The stimulus from the government of the entertainment industry in China is based on two main issues.

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Entertainment Market in China

From an economic point of view, the sector will boost growth and create jobs. It is also a means of developing and improving culture among the Chinese.

From a political point of view, the government is inspired by the Korean entertainment model which, thanks to the Hallyu Wave, is gradually becoming known around the world and conveying a positive image of the country, this soft power will enable the Chinese government to have of a stronger international influence.

A difficult sector to enter for international players

The government’s desire to stimulate this economy is preventing many foreign players from entering the market given a large number of restrictions on the market. Indeed, China has a quota of foreign films that can be imported into the country and that must not exceed the number of 34 films per year.

Moreover, the foreign cultural industry is not very well known in many cities of the country. The most international cities such as Beijing or Shanghai are cities where foreign markets must position themselves to enter the country in the light of their openness to the international cultural scene.

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Opportunities for industry development in the coming years (in China)

The future of the entertainment industry remains to be traced and it has many opportunities to make it a vector of growth in the country and to have a stronger visibility on the world stage.

The importance of market size: The Chinese entertainment scene has a sizeable market size that can promote the growth of the sector. With more than a billion inhabitants and the development of the Chinese middle class, the sector enjoys a significant opportunity to make the market shine. Moreover, despite the restrictions on the location of foreign players in the sector, the government seems more inclined to favor international trade in this industry considered to be less “strategic” than other markets.

A market that does not take part in politics: entertainment in China has fewer barriers related to government censorship. The industry remains a leisurely escape moment away from the pressure of society for the Chinese.

Digital entertainment: The digital sphere is in a state of flux and increasingly promotes the creation of value and talent via this distribution channel. Interactions via these new digital platforms allow us to play a key role in the production and delivery of entertaining and creative content.

In the West, the digital scene has become a source of entertainment, thanks in particular to the development of YouTube and YouTubers, which is developing more and more to offer content that is both digital and physical.

The development of E-commerce platforms: E-commerce is still a tool for exploring new monetization tracks and thus encouraging the flow of transactions. The Chinese are hyperconnected consumers whose online trade is part of their consumption behavior, targeting these consumers on this channel remains a thriving opportunity to exploit.

The entertainment industry in China opens up many opportunities for brands to position themselves in the sector to expand their activities on the Asian continent. Digital seems to be the simplest and most effective way to make a name and place in the industry.

Building your digital strategy in line with the Chinese Society

Entertainment Market in China

China is one of the world’s most important internet spaces in view of its large population. With an internet penetration rate and electronic devices exceeding 70%, penetrating the market digitally is one of the most effective ways to develop and sharpen your business in the country.

In general, the penetration of the Chinese market for international brands is facilitated by the good reputation they enjoy upstream. The Chinese love to consumer brands, they have a better image in the country. Chinese consumers attach great importance to image and appearance which is a very important social vector without the country.

The Chinese Internet sphere has more than 900 million users, the country is the world’s first in terms of consumption via the E-commerce channel, more than 80% of Internet users connect to a mobile device on a daily basis. Defining its digital strategy by taking into account the differences of the Chinese market is very important for this you will have to use the right weapons.

Social media to increase visibility

Social media platforms are the most widely used media in the Middle Kingdom. Developing a reputation for these features is crucial to the successful development of your strategy. It is important to note, however, that social media in China does not work in the same way as in our western countries.

Because of government censorship, the country is developing its own digital ecosystem that is also one of the most closed in the world. As an example, you will not find Google in China but Baidu, the main search engine used by Internet users. WeChat replaces Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype and Weibo is based on the same system as Twitter.

The most widely used social networks in China are WeChat and Weibo, in this article, we will show you how to leverage the Chinese Weibo platform to grow your presence and get established in China.

Weibo: Understanding how Chinese Twitter works

Positioning and managing its communities on Chinese social networks is a crucial part of your marketing strategy for the Chinese market. This is a better way to ensure a good visibility in the market and quickly gain in popularity and confidence.

Launched in 2009, Weibo Sina is an application with features similar to our Western social networks Facebook and Twitter. Translated literally from the word Micro Blogging, the platform has a large user base of more than 600 million.

The platform offers many ways to promote your brand. Advertising plays an important role on the platform. It offers 4 ways to advertise on the platform:

  • Banner Advertisements
  • Weibo Search Engine Promotion
  • Fan Headline (“Fanstop”)
  • Fan Tunnel

More information on this type of promotion in this article! If you want to know more about the features and how to use Weibo it’s here.

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