Marketing Campaign in Different Industries During Euro Cup


Who can expect that a pig called Boar Funtik becomes a star outside green field during this Euro Cup. It guesses right for 3 games in a row. Why a pig becomes so popular? Dig a little deeper, you will discover that Ukraine is a country famous for its pig husbandry. That’s it, it is a campaign launched by Ukraine Ministry of Agriculture.

In fact, such big sports events as Olympic games, Euro Cup are traditional high season for marketers. For example, during Beijing Olympic Games, CCTV gulped 2 billion Yuan profit from advertisement only; almost all the beer producers in China prepared big marketing budget for the world cup, for example. Haerbin (second-class beer brand in China) put over 100 million USD in its world-cup marketing campaign.

Tiny ripples in China

1.Beer industry: low-key

The Euro Cup this year seems to be totally forgotten by beer producers in China. Those companies such as Qingdao, Snowflake, Yanjing, Haerbin who made big efforts during the world cup in South Africa have done nothing special this year. Why are they so silent this year?
a. There are not so many people staying in night to watch the game because Euro Cup is too far away from China and jet lag influences their second day work.
b. Those who stays would like to go to bars to watch games where local beer has no market.
c. The London Olympic games is drawing near, marketing directors are trying to save money before it lest they will have no budget to do anything while all their competitors are executing their aggressive plans.

2. E-commerce: marketing on small scale

As the most aggressive e-commerce site, Sunning changed design of their official weibo account.

They also put a slogen: “forget price war for 90 mins!!!” and this post has been shared 983 times. On the website of Sunning, there’s nothing changed. Their competitor, Taobao has done nothing with their weibo for the Euro Cup but the No.1 e-commerce in China put two moscots on the first page.

The other companies like PaiPai and 360buy have taken no action to the Euro Cup.

3. TV industry: push hard

LG is trying its best to promote its Cinema 3D-TV. They have put advertisement on all the major portal website like sina, sohu.

As the LG director of TV department in Greater China Li explains, there will be a dramatic growth in China 3D-TV market. With the new CCTV 3D channel, more families will need a 3D TV to watch games of Euro Cup and Olympic Games. And the future of the market is bright and promising, so all the big events can be used in marketing like World Cup, Euro Cup and Olympic Games should be used.

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