It is a relief for Europe where monetary crisis hit, China takes advantage of the best of this difficult situation. And there it is not measures taken by the Chinese government, but by students and tourists. Last year they were 9.4 million candidates for about 7 million places in University try to have the Chinese exam, called Gaokao. Given the number of candidates received, some prefer to target the French Grandes Ecoles, renowned prestigious and easier to access.

Less students for the Chinese exam

Overall, the Legal Evening News said that nearly 3 million students have decided not to go to university, during recent years. At the same time, the number of Chinese students going abroad increased by about 20% per year. Some Chinese students even stopped their academic program to save money to get into the European Schools.


Depreciation of the euro promotes the emergence of Chinese tourist in Europe

The decline in the exchange rate of the euro to the yuan also reduces living expenses in Europe, said the director of the Delegation of the European Union in China, Wang Zhenyu.

Wang Yue, working in the company Beijing New Oriental, said that the depreciation of the European currency has reduced tuition fees and the cost of living and studying in European Schools are now 20% cheaper than a year ago.

French Universities have a good reputation

However, he also pointed out that the value of the European currency is changing, it is not the main criterion taken into account, but that attract Chinese students is academic excellence whose French schools have.

Zhang Yuqing, a Chinese student stopped his computer science studies in Beijing to go to one of the great schools of France. He said that “many of my classmates spend too much time on social networks in China and have no ideas of what they want to do after graduation. I would like to be better prepared to enter the job market after graduating. And I think that Paris can help me “.


Shot of graduation caps during commencement.

More and more Chinese students come to study abroad. Find the full article here.

France, the first favorite destination in Europe for Chinese tourist

France is also a favorite destination for foreign tourists in Europe. Chen Chaoying, general manager of the travel agency Mandarin Voyages in Paris said “our catering service for European tourists is down but it is offset by the increasing number of Chinese tourists”.


But this trend is good not just for France

France is not the only one to benefit from this Chinese tourists climb. Indeed, from June 2011, the euro was depreciated by 15%, according  Oliver Sedlinger, director of marketing and sales to Beijing to the National Office of German tourism. And this will help attract more Chinese tourists in Germany too. “Already during the first months, we have seen an increase of 20.8% over the previous year.”

Tian Yuan, plans to spend her honeymoon in Greece and Italy. “The depreciation of the euro is one of the reasons that pushed us, my husband and I to go to Europe. This means that everything will be cheaper than before, although Greece is not as stable as it used to be. ” Yu Mio, manager of the department of the Far East of the company Incentive Europe, a travel agency based in the Netherlands, said: “We are very optimistic about the prospects for the Chinese market. The depreciation of the euro will clearly boost the arrival of tourists from China. “

Chinese tourists are more and more numerous to come to Europe to spend their holidays and they represent an important market because they spend a lot in shopping. They were 1.7 million to come to France in 2014, an increase of 23% compared to the previous year. With the power balance shifting in favour of China, Europe should learn how to better court those premium tourists who spend an average of USD2500. This is not even close to the amount of money spent by those same people who decide to stay abroad to study.

Where will you meet them?

Chinese students will mostly go forums and communities focusing more on   tourism and study abroad. take a look at this post

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