What factors influence Chinese tourists?


Can anything be more important than knowing what your customers want?

The answer is yes. And it is to influence them to make the decision you want.

The first step is to understand via which way your customers can be influenced?

In tourism industry, top 3 influential media is acquaintance, publication media and website.

chinese tourists influence

What factors influence customers when Chinese tourists choose agencies?

Reputation of the agency 68%
Service quality of the agency 41%

What factors influence customers when Chinese tourists choose destination?

Already been there 38%
Suitable product 26%
Advice from acquaintance 20%
Price 19%
Convenient consultancy 12%
Advertisement 11%

What factors influence customers when Chinese tourists make the decision?

Attracted by the destination 29.80%
Price 17.60%
Curiosity 16.20%
Multiple reasons 21.40%
Acquaintance,shopping environment, etc. 15%

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source: AC Nielson,CNTA (China National Tourism Administration)


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