China is really  the world champion of copycat. You know that you can find a lot of fake products, but now fake Shop too. A recent piece of news on a fake luxury shopping street in the northern city of Shenyang.

However, shocked even the Chinese who run into fake products on a daily basis.

The shopping mall behind the Wanda Square in Shenyang is lined with European-style boutique stores.

A quick browse will tell you that this is a truly high-end mall filled with the world’s top luxury brands from Chanel to Tiffany. After a closer look, however, you will find that these are all fakes. sources

The boutique shopping is developed by Wanda group, and all the shops “are fakes for marketing purpose only.”

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shenyang-marché du faux

According to a saleswoman at Shenyang Wanda, the entire property has just been put to use.

The street mall is promoted as a “European-style pedestrian street”, is sold at RMB 44 thousand yuan per square meter.

The shops are decorated as top-brand boutiques as a way of marketing to lure in more investments.