Wuhan city is launching a sustainable neighborhood project that will take place at the industrial area’s former location. This neighborhood will be composed of  everything a regular neighborhood has like parks, offices, housing, banks, post offices…  However a five-story shopping mall might also feature a whole host of surprises with urban farm on its roof!

Green Shopping Center

The shopping center will meet LEED ND standards for green buildings; each building will at least meet a LEED Gold certification. Its terraces will allow visitors to reach the urban farm on the roof, that will provide them with educational programs and individual garden plots. Functionality was a major concern for  the farm, says Benedetti. “A lot of times you see projects with green space on the roof, but there aren’t a lot of uses there. So you really have a difficult problem drawing people up. Or if they go up there isn’t a lot to hold them there.”


This brand new neighborhood will also encourage sustainable transportation, by constructing a monorail, providing chargers for electric cars and dedicated bike parking. Arthur Benedetti, the representative of 5+design, the Californian firm that designed the neighborhood says in an interview with Fast Company: “We wanted to create more of a place to meet casually with friends and family”. The project indeed has several zones of gathering spots for the community, and everything is connected to parks that lead to the waterfront” according to Benedetti.


Property is expensive in China that is why most of the malls have several stories and also few parking fields. These factors are enabling designers with development opportunities.

Development opportunities come with public interest. This is where a good digital campaign would come in handy. A simple buzz would be enough to start drawing attention toward these new construction and entice even more people to go and take a look. Once this is done developers would be even more interested in developing news project since this area would inevitably become a hot spot for architectural design and innovation. If you want to know more about how to launch a successful digital marketing strategy we can provide solutions

Photo Credit: fast company


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