China is one of the largest luxury and fashion markets in the world, and on its way to be the top of the list. With the largest internet population and the boom of social media in China’s internet world, how could fashion and social media link in China, and why should they be?

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Fashion trends before and now

Before, fashion trends solely used fashion magazines, websites, commercials, and the like, to promote their brands. These strategies are still in use and effective today, but a lot is changing and being developed in China, and fashion brands are following in every way. There is a growing value in social and digital marketing in modern China, a huge importance in the social presence in today’s world, and it is very complex.


Why use social media in China?

Social media is an effective way to market one’s products/brand in the Chinese market as you let them know your brand and products, and you have a way of researching or knowing the market’s response to your brand and products as well.

The Chinese have been trusting more social media than traditional media nowadays, since social media give a right and a voice to each netizen by giving responses, negative and positive comments as well as suggestions. It is a way of interacting between the companies and the customers, a very ideal and customer-based set up, a great way to influence a customer’s decision-making process.

Brands have a huge customer base in China in terms of social media. CNNIC shows that there are more than 600 million social media users in China, most of them actively joining in forums and conversations, and doing online shopping.


Fashion brands in China’s social media

Many fashion brands are now in China’s social media, seeing the rise of sales and customer reactions and the like. One of the first international brands to seep into the social media craze in China is Louis Vuitton, in October 2010. It opened its official advertisement platform in China on Sina Weibo, one of the leading social media platforms in China that works a little like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr alike. The company even invested in a Chinese name, Luyi Weideng (路易威登). In November 2012, Louis Vuitton joined the Wechat or Weixin platform of Weibo and gained more than 200 million followers and increased number of mobile clients.

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How to go into social media in China?

International fashion brands planning to go into the Chinese market should now invest in the different platforms in the social media of China. The major platforms these days are Weibo and Wechat both boasting around 500 million users with most users in located in Mainland China. However these are not the only ones. After these you have to seek out the forums specialised to your sector. Here for instance some specialised platforms can be Meilishuo or PCLady, both being THE places to be. Why? Simply because that is where Chinese women tend to go to look for informations about a brand, to see its value, its reputation amongst other netizens.

  • Set up official, verified accounts will grant you a certain amount of trust in those social media platforms.
  • Develop your fanbase by sharing content related to your brand
  • Prepare real life events that will attract customer via Online to offline strategy
  • Give opportunities for users to share their experience about your brand
  • Convey yourself a positive message about your brand, your goods and your company by doing community management

After all of this, you still have to check, monitor, analyse all the information you obtain from your fan base in order to foresee their next needs and the next trends to keep a competitive edge over your competitors in your market.

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