Something about Chinese tourists no many people know

1. China Tourists from south travel more but spend less

  • One out of ten city residents from the South has been travelled abroad in 2008.
  • The outbound group tourists from Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu agencies account for about 72.16% of the total number. These provinces are also strong in economy.
  • On average, they travel 3 times a year.
  • 10% of them will choose to stay in 5-star hotels or vacation villas which is below the national average: 12%.

2. China Tourists from north travel less but spend more

  • The tourists travel less
  • Their average expense for outbound trip is over 3,560 USD.
  • Over 20% of them would like to choose 5-star hotels and vacation villas.
  • More tourists from north prefer quality tours


3. What level of tour Chinese tourists like?

Type of tours Percentage of people who like
Luxury 17%
Expensive but high-quality 55%
Normal price but good-quality 72
Lower price, normal accommodation with shopping and self-pay activities 20%
Very cheap, basic accommodation with a lot shopping and self-pay activities 8%

4. High percent of shopping payment

From the chart below, we can see China tourists spend most their money on shopping. The reason for this is Chinese gift culture that bringing gifts to acquaintances is very important for respect and relationship.

china tourist consumption

What’s more, 76% of the respondents conduct their payment in cash and the other 24% use credit card and cash. The high percentage of cash payment is caused by the inconvenience of bank’s exchanging process.

In Europe, the average expense per tourist is about 26,000 Yuan, 77% of which is for shopping. the top 14 commodities are skin care product, cosmetics & perfume, souvenir, handcraft, leatherware, fashion clothes, local food, jewelry, watch, diamond, cigarette & alcohol, electronic product, sports equipment, household article.

Source: AC Nielsen ,Xinqin

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