New Festival consumption trend

From the Mid-autumn holiday to the National Day Holiday, Chinese have a 8-day holiday, longest holiday in the year. It’s also called “gold week” because people would spend a lot during this holiday. As China Business Information Center reported, during the first three days of the holiday this year, retailing business in Shanghai has increased by 12.8%. We have also discovered that new consumption trends appeared this year.

Festival consumption on culture

During the holidays, more and more people choose to spend on culture and go to bookstore, cinema.

Parents take kids to book store

Parents take kids to book store

Many parents take their kids to book store. Children’s books shelves are always full of people. And many of them come to book store everyday during the festival.

People line up for movie tickets

For young couples, cinema is a good place to go. Cinemas are very busy during the festival. It’s very difficult to buy ticket for the movie of that day now.

Festival consumption on old newspaper

First People Daily on National Day

Now everything having the value of collection is popular. During the festival, those old newspaper or magazines released on National Day before sell very well. The series of all the People Daily published on National Day from 1949 to 2009 sells at ¥62,000, over ¥1,000 for each. Especially the price newspaper published on the first National Day has already exceeded ¥10,000.

Festival consumption on trtourism

Traditionally, Mid-autumn is the festival for family to gather together, but today’s Chinese prefer going tour to relax during the festival.

Traffic jam during the holiday

And government also cancels the toll fees during the festival which greatly increases the number of traveler as well as traffic jams.
National Tourism Bureau data shows the number of travelers has increased 15% compared with last year. Outbound tourism is also very popular. Most travel services have been fully booked one month before the festival.

boarding lounge

Boarding lounge

In the same time, travel equipments such as content, hiking boots and alcohol stove sells much better online.

Festival consumption on alcohol

With the increase supervision on government expenses and growing concern for health, consumption on alcohol has decreased this year.

Not only the price has decreased a little, but also the sales has slumped by about 20%.

Festival consumption on gift

Sending gifts to relatives, friends and colleagues is a tradition in China. Usually, mid-autumn festival and national day holiday is time to prepare gifts. So is this year.

But unlike previous year, clothing and health care product are the first choice for the gift for parents; cosmetics have been the first choice for young people, increasing by 30%.