China: Figures to illustrate facts

How much people on Internet?

-There are 618 million on people on Internet

-45% of penetration on December 2013 (US: 82%, Europe: 61%, France: 83%)

E- commerce information

At the end of 2013, we can notice that the e-commerce knows a big success! We can count 277 million online shoppers and 302 million in December (growth of 25%). Moreover, the turn over of e-business reaches 754 billions Yuan (123,2 billion US dollars). It represents a growth of 47,3%. E-commercerepresents today 6,8% of the consumer goods retail sales.

The shopping market online is expected to reach 1,74 trillion RMB this year.

Concerning the online retail sales, they grew of 35% during the first nine months with 212,4 billion of US dollars. The leader of the C2C market on line is Taobao with 95,1 of the market share in China.

In 2020, the total of the online retail in China is expected to reach 5 trillion Rmb, it means 12% of total sales.


Mobile market

China Mobile is the leader of the mobile market with 767,2 billion following by China Unicom with 281 billion and finally China Telecom with 185,6 billion. There are 417 billion of 3G subscribers in December 2013.

Concerning the mobile users, there are 460 billion, 75% more than the Internet user.


To do a ranking of the top activity:

  1. Mobile messaging `
  2. Online news
  3. Online search

See the ranking of the fastest growing activities:

  1. Online video viewing
  2. Online shopping
  3. Online payment

But, by the end of 2013, the e-business market in China will reach 130 billion yuan (21 billion US dollars). Mobile shoppers are 155 million today.


They want to develop the market by creating bigger smart phone screens, better webpage design and new applications. There are lots of services like QR code, mobile payment, localization and e-business services… Having a smart phone is mandatory today to follow the new technologies. Social networks are really important also. Everybody knows Wechat in China. It was created by Tencent and regroups more than 500 millions users and 100 million registered abroad.

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