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How do we help you to market your Forex Company in China?

The forex market is very competitive in China, the Chinese government has really reinforced rules for foreign companies that want to lead forex trading business in China. But with a strong digital marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help you to succeed in this market.

Consulting – Digital Strategy

We register and manage your Forex company on the platforms.

Online Reputation

We manage the image of your company and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.

Digital Advertising

We cooperate with KOL and celebrities through live streaming or other interactions

Social Media & influencers

We increase the visibility of your Forex company on the social media

PR & Media

We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

Event Promotion - Digital Resonance

Consulting – Digital Strategy

Adopting a digital strategy is actually considered as a big innovation for any business,especially in China. Chinese people used to use the internet to connect better with their favorite brand. When online tools gain an important place in Chinese e-commerce landscape, foreign brands can take advantage of this, and try to increase their presence in the most substantial competitive market by using social media such as Wechat or Weibo.

The Chinese market is complex and fragmented, so it’s important to develop a detailed and well-planned business strategy in order to success in this unique and complex market. It’s not important if you are entering in this market with a good or little knowledge about China or you had established your presence in China already, you still need help from the best Chinese business consultants.

GMA has 8years of experience in Chinese market and already worked on several projects involving digital strategy marketing in the main cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.


Social Media & influencers

China, the world’s largest social-media market is completely different from its counterpart in the West. There is no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube…. It’s important to understand that this market is really important for anyone trying to engage Chinese consumers. Social media is the largest phenomenon in the world’s second-biggest economy than the other countries, including the United States. Chinese consumers follow the same decision-making journey as their peers in other countries, and the basic rules for engaging them effectively are to become more familiar with them. China’s social-media active users are not only more active than but also, 80 % of them, have multiple social media accounts, primarily with local players. So for an effective marketing strategy, you have to:


–      Make content authentic and user-oriented.


–      Adopt a test-and-learn approach.


–      Support overarching brand goals with sustained social-media efforts.

PR & Media

Media and public relations are often confused in the world of marketing, as both are focused on influencing consumers’ decision to think and act in a way that is more profitable for the company. Even if, marketing focuses on influencing consumer behavior, public relations focus more on influencing consumer perception.

The main goal of this stratagem is to ensure that consumers are really understanding the brand product and services for an efficient management of Public Relations.

Even many companies are starting to adapt their marketing strategies to the China market; a lot of them still fail on their Public Relations strategies because of the complexity of the China market. The place of the government in media is a big challenge when you decide to engage in China public relations.

Digital Advertising

China’s digital market remains difficult to understand by many international companies. We offer you a few tips to leverage a brand’s presence in the Chinese landscape:

Brands could start by launching online campaigns and encouraging user participation by offering new storytelling and good content.

Cooperate with KOL and celebrities through live streaming or other interactions. Create Wechat and Weibo official account. It’s important to well-suited the sale conversion and customer services functions and build a strong exposure.

Chinese consumers are becoming to pay attention to the values and lifestyle push behind brands. If you want to win or convert lead into a potential client, a right strategy is to produce a series of mini-videos to communicate the values of the brand. Be original, and relevant.

Chinese consumers are seeking personalized services, so digital marketing may be more innovative.


GMA offers tailored E- reputation management services in China for various industries that include Finance, luxury, wine, and health care, etc. Our services include a deep analysis and a complete assessment along with online management services that include social media marketing, SEO consulting, and Chinese website.

Our team builds its reputation for providing high-quality services, innovative and strategic solutions for small, medium and large businesses and organizations. At GMA, we truly understand that it is essential for companies to have a strong, powerful and positive online reputation in their respective industries.

Event Promotion – Digital Resonance

Event promotion consists of a set up some innovative techniques put in place during events, shows, in order to increase the campaign of a brand and offer to different experience to their audience. The event allows to complement the communication offer to its public and thus to build a strong reputation and brand image with its target audience.

In order to gain more visibility in China, you have to you to use all the applications and functionalities allowing the direct transmission of events that you will organize.  Live event broadcasts have a strong impact on the part of Internet users. Reaching your target through this channel can make your content attractive and give it a positive image.

Search Engine Marketing & SEO

The market in China is quickly changing and evolving. Baidu has long dominated the search engine sphere, and they still control an estimated to more than 80% of searches in China. Over the past few years, however, there has been a fast -rising competitor that is seizing an increasing percentage of the search volume.

SEO is all about content and inbound links. Plus a little bit of internal linking.

– Use Simplified Chinese & Mandarin – Baidu will not index anything else.

– Content must be unique and professionally written by a native speaker.

– Constant and regular fresh website content is very important…

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