Hello everybody, today we have the pleasure to interview FISE China, the largest extreme sport event in China.
Every Year this event is in Chengdu, the capital of Panda and will during 3days be organized by FISE.

1-Can you tell us about FISE

Since 1997, FISE WORD MONTPELLIER is the largest sport extreme gathering in the word with more than 550 000 spectators each year. More than 1800 international athletes, professional and non professional participate to this event.  The famous disciplines are BMX, Skateboard, Roller, VTT and wakeboard. In 2013, FISE becomes FISE WORLD SERIES and the festival becomes international with edition taking place in Andorra, China or Malaysia. Fise is now the reference in extreme sport.


2- Can you describe the event?

For the second time we organize it in Chengdu. This year, we are investing a new place which is the Nan Hu Park with a new disciplines the Wakeboard.  During the 3 days there will be a lot of competition in roller, skateboard, bmx, VTT slopestyle, wakeboard. The entrance is free, and all the spectators can eat, participate to the animation or even initiate themselves to new sport. The high point of the event will be the pro rider competition. The level is incredible and that is where we will offer a real spectacle and real sensation to the public.


FISE IN NUMBER (2014 edition)

100 000 spectators

250 athletes

150 locals competitors will compete


fise china (1) fise china (2)
fise china (4) fise china (5) fise china (6)

3-What about the sports?

BMX : The superstar disciplines


FISE offer a competition that haven’t to be missed. The most spectacular, the best athletes come from around the word like Daniel Dhers, Mark Webb, Logan Martin ….and will be here to explode the clapometer.


ROLLER : The artistic one

On the same path as the BMX, the riders will do a lot of tricks, slides transfers and rotation. This Discipline is also very spectacular.


SKATEBOARD : The source

This sport comes from California, it was created by surfers as a transport way. And finally in the 80’ it begins to be a way of life. Today, it’s the most generalize sport, we found it everywhere, in fashion, art, lifestyle and it becomes a real philosophy.


MOUNTAINBIKE : Earth and adrenalin


This discipline will be once again present on a sloping path. The slope style is a path on which you will find the same obstacle as the one in the mountain. This competition offers a breathtaking show by both figures and the large structures. We want to export an outdoor sport in the city center, you will discover it soon in the neighbourhood of Tienu.



This sport is very trendy lately.  It’s a mix between snowboard, water ski and surf. Thanks to the system of cable, the wakeboarders can come to the city center to share their passion with us. The figures and the jump are generally very spectacular.


3- Who can attend this event?

The event is for everybody, but I could say is more for family and young people (15 -25)

4- Why did you choose Chengdu?  Are there big communities in this city?

Chengdu is the Chinese twin town since 32 years with the city of Montpellier in France which is the birth place of FISE. Then it was logical that we continue the history with Chengdu.


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