Danzi print advertisement

This series of product is base on filling water. The print advertisement use water as the background, which show the characteristics of the product.
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Charmed product brochure design

This series of product main material is cherry blossoms,the effect of product is white. Brochure design with cherry blossoms outstanding romantic pure feeling.

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Wahaha product package design

The concept of product is “delicious world tour”, in the design with the weather in the journey for creative point to close the identity of the consumer, more imagination space. I think young people will like this design.

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Hericium erinaceus package design

Hercium erinaceus is a kind of precious edible fungus, is a combination of nutrition and medicine. Packaging color and packaging design highlights the high-end products.

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Chongkang old yogurt package design

Chongkang old yogurt package design with chinese characteristics, the design use the ancient blue and white that give people visual enjoyment.

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