The Group Alibaba, Chinese company whose field of predilection is the online business continues his rise towards success and launches a wonder, the Ding Talk application.

Chinese social networks and apps

The Chinese are the most connected in the world. This country counts more than 650 million Net surfers who spend on average 26.1 hours per week of surfing on the Net.

China is the country where the social networks are most developed forming the electronic Great Wall of China. They are an integral part of the Chinese life and those influences them largely. The Chinese are fans of applications. There are in the country around thousands of applications with different features. To attract the Chinese consumer and to enter on the Chinese market, nothing better for a company or a brand to have a presence on the social media such Wechat, Sinaweibo, Some or Renren.



The Ding Talk app Promotion in China

Alibaba understood the way that to attract even more Chinese consumers, it was to have his own instant messaging application. Therefore, at the beginning of the year 2015, it launches Ding Talk. Ding Talk quickly became famous. The publicity put on Sinaweibo have played a vital role in it. By taking the various ways of communication during the years, Alibaba proves the effectiveness of his new application.



During prehistory, the means of communication were done by an oral way. In certain situations like this, the inefficiency of the communication will result with in death of the young man.




During the conflict periods, the communication passed through fire. However, as shown the picture, the technique could be impotent and involve deaths.



After, the communication goes through the animals appeared. However, their effectiveness was not always present.




At that time of noble persons and count, the domestics communicated by means of bells. Sometimes, the communication couldn’t or doesn’t want to be heard.



In 1989, the arrival of the radio as a means of communication revolutionized the world of the communication, however, it was not always efficient.


In the 70s, the use of the telephone to communicate discouraged people because those who wished to make a call have to face the multiple transfers before having the wished person.



The 80s were the year of the BB call, however ineffective in case of emergency. Indeed, a person just received a notification of call and then had to go to a cabin to take the call.



The arrival of the cordless phone in the 90s didn’t allow the communication with many people because the phone was very expensive and reserved for the elite.



The mobile phone to communicate is one of the best ways to communicate, still the contacted person must be willing to answer.



The online professional groups of chat allow the company’s directors to be able to communicate with their employees and give them information. However, in certain cases, the employees can use it to communicate between them about personal subjects.



In this year 2015, Alibaba promises a revolution in the communication world, thanks to his new application Ding Talk which would have been able to save these people.



Reaction of user: I doubt that Alibaba can success with social media…



The applications and the social networks still have a beautiful and bright future beyond them.


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