Food & Beverage Marketing for China


This article is written for all the food-processing & beverage actors that wish to communicate with the Chinese public, to export in China.

Before beginning, you need to know:

–       Chinese market is growing rapidly

–       Chine is a brand market

–       Chinese consumers like foreign products

–       Chinese people pay more and more attention to their alimentary safety

–       A part of the high class appreciates luxury brands

–       The population begins to be used to the occident way of life

Food and beverages marketing



Market survey

We offer market survey to many actors that wish to study a particular sector. This survey is composed of:

–       Test of products

–       Study of the channels of distribution

–       Trends’ analyzes

–       Consumption’s survey

–       Competition’s survey

–       Prices’ survey


Adaptation Product/branding

To have the opportunity to impose in China, you generally need to develop your brand and make it become famous. Our agency offers its services to the companies:

–       Recommendation/branding

–       Products’ sales points

–       Advertising

–       Support of communication

–       Packaging/specific Ads

–       Definition of a product price from a market price


PR: Press Relation

To be famous to the local actors and professionals of the sector, to develop press relation can be an efficient strategy:

–       Specialized press relations

–       General press relations

–       Awareness campaign

–       PR online


Online communication

The heart of our work is the increasing of a brand notoriety via the most efficient way in China: Internet. It is the least expensive way and it allows targeting your clients. Here is the online solutions panel that the agency offers:

–       E-reputation management

–       Social media

–       KOL campaign

–       Buzz marketing

–       Web-marketing campaign

For further information check our references or receive quotations, don’t hesitate to contact us.