Brand awareness in China is not easy, we must study the Chinese way and know the culture in the aptly named ‘mysterious orient’.

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The Chinese market

Before you can begin promoting yourself in this huge market, it is necessary to study every detail, you need in-depth cultural specific knowledge. There are 1.3 billiion people in China with 800 million people owning a phone, this leads to more people being connected and registered on social networks. This is especially so with the rise of smartphones.


Develop your marketing on WeChat

Wechat Marketing

The instant messaging application, WeChat (Weisin in Chinese), has over 400 million active users. It is based on the sending of messages, video and pictures to contacts. The application was developed by internet giant Tencent who have continually improved the application, it is now comprehensive networking platform and therefore a good social network (along with Weibo) to develop your marketing on. For brand awareness in China a strong presence on WeChat is key. The mobile application is a platform for exchange between users, but also the sharing of content to the wider community. We call it the ‘WeChat times’.

Tencent has developed other features such as geolocation services to find people and thus expand your community.

The “shake” application allows you to talk to people who also use this function and want to make new friends.

With the mobile application you can add friends in different ways either by scanning the QR code of the person, or by entering their ID directly. The QR code became very popular in China and you see them almost everywhere (on the metro, shops, billboards etc …), they are embedded in the urban landscape of major Chinese cities.


Usually those who use WeChat are relatively affluent because the person must have a mobile phone, not a given for everyone in China, it remains a luxury. 76.1% of users are aged between 22 and 35 years and mainly live in large cities. 24.2% are white-collar users. more information about Wechat Advertising


Brand awareness through WeChat

The social character of WeChat

You must take into account the social character of WeChat, adjust your dialogue to communicate with users appropriately, there are many emoticons and of course communication will often need to be translated into Mandarin.


Target your users

What is your brand? Think about this question, establish dialogue with your future consumers, the Chinese strongly value direct interaction. Through WeChat your products can be shared throughout whole communities. The goal is that the consumer talks about you and they share it. The Chinese are particularly trusting of their immediate social circle making this a very effective marketing solution.


O2O (Online to Offline)

QR codes allow consumers to scan the brand, they can even facilitiate online payment (the Wallet service is linked to Alipay) or consumers can download coupons and discounts.



The Chinese are very fond of games, if you need to make competitions (strongly recommended) WeChat is the platform to go through.


Public WeChat

Users can share on WeChat, this allows you to improve your presence and reach.



Integrating groups

Integrating target groups is important, users can make new “friends” and you can exchange your brand.


Create an official account page

The advantage is to keep a good relationship with your community, update them with the latest news about your brand.


Social media in China

WeChat can very effectively spread your brand to millions of potential consumers, it can take one or two years “of observation” to thoroughly research the market. Specialized marketing agencies based in China often prove a vital partner for any western brand looking to launch in the mysterious orient.

They can help you with your marketing approach, target the right customers and develop your image among one circle.

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