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Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company producing innovating technologies with headquarters in Beijing China, and in the United-states. Its marketing strategy is based on innovation, operational efficiency, fulfilling the customers need and investing in and creating a partnership with emerging markets. The firm design, produce and market high quality, useful, convenient and secure technological tools and also offers customer service department worldwide in order to be more productive and competitive. It is currently ranked among the best personal computer and Smartphone providers and thought has become one of Apple’s main rivals.

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The launch of the S850


A trendy commercial spot

In 2014, Lenovo launched the brand new S850 among all its state-of-the-art technological though affordable Smartphones. In its commercial spot, the brand highlights the hight qualities of the pictures you can take with the S850, with its 5,0 inch (with a body-to-screen ration of 68,8%), high definition (4128 x 3096 pixels) and its autofocus, Led Flash and Face detection options. In this commercial, Lenovo uses the worldwide popularity of selfies, highlighting that this smartphone is the perfect tool for modern, dynamic, ambitious and creative women. This advertising suggests that we all have it and that Lenovo is the partner we need to reveal our talents. This commercial is part of the so-called “For those who do” worldwide marketing campaign.



« For those who do »

This “For those who do” campaign is part of Lenovo’s new marketing strategy initiated in 2011 to conquer the world. It is supposed to reflect the ideology of the company which was built by persons of action. When promoting its products, Lenovo would from now on address directly its consumers, who are creative people who will use those state-to-the-art technologies as Tools to bring their projects and ideas to life. This campaign targets Young consumers who are the more influential in this sector. Lenovo aims to become a partner for those who are to build tomorrow’s world.

The brand also initiated several partnerships, among which one with DoSomething.org. This organization aims to stimulate the youth all over the world by organizing competitions during which the competitors have to explain what innovating project they have to bring some improvement to the society.



Build a strong brand identity

Lenovo‘s ambitious strategy

With this first worldwide campaign, Lenovo highlights the fact that its products are useful tools and not just accessories to show off. By adopting such a strategy, Lenovo distinguishes itself from its main rival, Apple, which mostly offers more expensive products and is referred to as a “hype” brand.

The slogan of this campaign: « We make the tools, you make the Do ». A slogan that clearly shows the ambition of this brand known as one of the most innovating and dynamic ones on the IT market, which is to become in the eyes of the consumers a brand associated to action, imagination, talent, toughness, optimism etc.



Ashton Kutcher, the perfect partner…

In 2013, Lenovo already stroke hard by signing a contract with the charismatic Ashton Kutcher, making him an engineer on the conception of the Yoga2 tablet. Ashton Kutcher who’s a worldwide famous ex-model, now a talented actor and also make a lot of investments in the digital sector (Skype, Sound Cloud, Flipboard, Airbnb, Summly, etc) has become one of the sexiest geek icons and ideal for every Lenovo.


Not only is he a strong Key Opinion Leader, and the key to good press relations, but he is also very active on the social networks. He is even present on the Chinese one since he opened his own Weibo account in 2012. Well…sort of when you check his Weibo :

40 followers and 16 posts…. chances are it is more of an attempted buzz than a genuine interest in the Chinese twitter.



This partnership with Mr. Kutcher also makes quite a mockery of Apple, since the actor had been playing the famous Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple brand. He took an active part in the creation and the promotion of the Yoga2 and Yoga3 tablets…

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