China is a huge market with more than 1.3bn potential customers. Over the last years, the economy of the Asian giant has rapidly increased becoming one of the biggest markets for brands.


Brands have to focus their efforts to develop strong and efficient digital marketing strategies to penetrate into China.

The Chinese market is very different from Foreign markets, as well as their digital world. Therefore companies which want to enter the Chinese market have to adapt their strategies to be successful.

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#1 Create a Chinese Website

The first step to penetrate the Chinese market is creating a website adapted to Chinese consumers. The website has to be written in the Mandarin language, but translate the content is not enough. The content must be created and adapted to the interests and needs of Chinese consumers.


In addition, it is vital to have visibility on Chinese search engines like Baidu.



#2 Leverage Chinese Social Media Networks

Chinese are the more connected consumers in the world and they spend most of their time online on social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

Chinese consumers use social media networks to interact with brands and they expect personalized communication with the brands. They also utilize social networks in order to seek information about products and brands and that information has a strong influence on their purchase decisions.

Through the creation of official accounts on social media platforms, companies have the chance to reach a huge number of potential customers and provide them information about the brand, products, offers, events or other relevant content.

burberry weibo

In addition, brands have the chance to sell their products via these platforms or link their accounts with their e-commerce site to drive the traffic to it.

Majority of social media users buy online more than three times every month. According to data of the Global Web Index, about 82% of Sina Weibo users make online purchases. Sina Weibo has 167 million monthly active users.

Companies that want to penetrate the Chinese market shouldn’t skip social media.



#3 Sell your Products via E-Commerce Platforms

Firstly, companies must understand the important role that plays e-commerce sites in China. In 2014, the e-commerce transaction value reached over US$1.95 trillion with an increase of 20% year-over-year. In 2018 it is expected that the e-commerce industry will account for 18% of the total retail sales compared to 8% in 2013.

Nowadays, Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase products via the Internet due to many reasons such as the huge quantity of products offered by e-commerce sites and the convenience to purchase them.

Companies that want to sell their products in China must embrace e-commerce platforms. Brands have two options: develop their own e-commerce site or open a store in some of the popular Chinese e-commerce platforms.

Taobao is the biggest C2C (consumer to consumer) online marketplace in China with more than 7 million vendors and 800 million products. Taobao belongs to Alibaba and is the place where consumers can find almost anything.

Tmall is also owned by Alibaba. However, Tmall is a B2C platform which enables companies to open their own stores. Tmall it is a popular website among Chinese online shoppers who are seeking quality and authentic products of international brands.


ck-tmall-flagship-store1 (1)


There are other many e-commerce sites in China such as where companies can sell their products.



#4 Set-up a Digital Marketing Strategy

It is crucial for foreign brands to develop an online marketing strategy with the purpose to have visibility in the Chinese market and reach as many consumers as possible.

Chinese consumers use the Internet to looking for products and brands, and as a consequence company without a strong online presence have less chance to be in the Chinese shopper mind during their purchases.


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