Since 2011, many international celebrities want to integrate the china word. But they are blocked by cultural and language barriers. A large numbers of companies try to help them to pass through this problem. Thanks to them they are present in Weibo for example, and they can communicate with their Chinese fans. We can see more and more celebrities from all over the world interacting at any moment in English or in Chinese.

David Beckam :

The famous footballer has the highest number of follower in Weibo with 5 millions of fans on Weibo. He posts steadily pictures of him and it’s family to the happiness of everybody.


Christine Lagarde :

Christine Lagarde is public personality. She was born in January 1956. She was a french lawyer, and a Minister of Economic Affairs,  minister of Finance and Employment and before that she was Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade. Since 2011, she is at the head of International Monetary Fund. She is one of the most powerful women in the world now.

Christine Lagarde joins China’s top micro-blogging site in 2011 during her campaign for  the IMF post. She was immediately followed by a lot of Chinese fan. Still, a doubt remains as to whether her 5 million fans are legit. If she were Chinese, it would be easy to explain but that’s not the case. So, where do your 5 million fans come from Mrs Lagarde? (As a sidenote she has more fans than Apple CEO Tim Cook)


Tim Cook :

TIM Cook is the CEO of the famous brand Apple. He was born in 1960 at Roberstdale. He is an american business executive. He worked during 10 years for IBM and join apple team in 1998. It took the post of CEO in 2011.

The CEO has joined recently Weibo but he counts already 677085 of followers.



SOLA AOI is a Japanese AV IDOL, very famous in Asia. Her popularity as an adult video actress has led her to be a personality person in japan and china. She launch a lingerie website and it’s  successful.

When she decided to open an account on Chinese micro-blogging platform Sina Weibo, it exploded.  In fact, now she  has about 16 million followers.

The famous Portuguese football Ronaldo join Weibo in 2011, he said he wanted to be close to his Chinese fan. He is considered by many people one of the best strikers of all time.



With China finally becoming the centre of the world foreigners feel compelled to go on Chinese social media like Weibo or Wechat. However they fail to understand one thing : big numbers are great to show off to your foreign friends but they do not reflect their true popularity, not by a long shot. Personnally among all of these celebrities, Sola Aoi is the one to have the most true followers  (I am not saying that 100% of the people following her are real users though) given how influential she has been to Chinese young men and women.)

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