Tao Nv Lang(淘女郎): Success of Opinion leader

Tao Nv Lang page

Tao Nv Lang homepage

Tao Nv Lang (which means Taobao Lady) is a branch of Taobao. Taobao was established in 2003, providing a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online retail stores that mainly cater to consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Tao Nv Lang comes from the pageant held by Taobao later it developed to a platform for Taobao model and finally become an independent branch of Taobao 2 years ago. Its value has exceeded ¥1.1 billion and there are over 34 thousand Taobao ladies registered on that.
The reason of the rapid development of Tao Nv Lang is that they guide other girls to fashion match. In other words, they are opinion leaders in clothing. In the age of Web2.0, Taobao Ladies are not only active on Tao Nv Lang but also on other SNS like Weibo, forums and blogs.

To answer the advice from consumers, Taobao also launched a project that buyers on Taobao can choose a Taobao lady to deliver goods. The cost will be dozens Yuan higher than usual.

WeChat (Wei Xin): connecting people makes profit


Some people say Web 2.0 is the era for connection. And WeChat is the leading software in realizing this idea.
WeChat (Chinese: 微信; pinyin: Wēixìn; literally “micro message”) is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China.
It allows acquaintances to talk via text, voice message, photo and even video. It also offers three functions for strangers to meet and communicate.

Wei Xin shake

1. Shake
Just shake your cell phone; WeChat will search for others who shake their cell phone at the same time.
2. Look Around
WeChat will first find your location and then list all the people using WeChat nearby. Usually, strangers with opposite sex will appear first.

3. Drift bottle
You can write a short message or record a piece of voice, then send. It will appear on another random user who is picking bottles. And you can also collect bottles.
WeChat offers an opportunity for people, especially young people to meet and know each other. This makes WeChat extraordinarily popular in China. Because in China, there are not many ways for young people to meet each other. As Tencent announced that there have been over 100 million users registered on WeChat in March, 2012.

Da Zhong Dian Ping: online community conceives great value

Da Zhong Dian Ping

Da Zhong Dian Ping means people comment. As its name reveals, Da Zhong Dian Ping is a website for comment. Its comments cover restaurants, shopping mall, hotels, café, cinemas and other leisure places. But its core business is restaurants.
In Web2.0 era, the reputation online is vital to the performance of a company, especially those companies live on reputation like restaurants. After 5 year construction of a strong online comment community, Da Zhong Dian Ping becomes the most influential website in restaurant industry in China. Its development accelerated these years, especially after the prevalence of smart phones which allows people to check the information about nearby restaurant on Da Zhong Dian Ping.

To increase its influence, Da Zhong Dian Ping has also added other popular functions as groupon and E-coupon.
Now Da Zhong Dian Ping has over 48 million active users and more than 20 million comments every month and the value of the company has exceeded $1.1 billion.

Kuai Shu Bao: Speed is life

Kuai Shu Bao logo

Kuai Shu Bao (literally “fast schoolbag”) is an online retail shop established in 2010. Unlike its name, Kuai Shu Bao sells not only schoolbag but everything that you can find in supermarket or book store.
What they sell best is their speed.
Kuai Shu Bao doesn’t have a real store and its orders are all from its online store, online B2C and C2C websites and Weibo (micro blog in China). No matter where the order comes from, Kuai Shu Bao claims that their customers can get their goods in one hour after they placed orders.

Kuai Shu Bao Weibo account

As its creator Xu Zhi Ming introduced, Kuai Shu Bao combines the concept of web 2.0 with its sales. It makes changes of the price, package and delivery according to the comments and advice from netizens.