Perfume has always been a coveted product since time immemorial. Yes, way back when we did not have Chanel and Davidoff, there were naturally extracted perfumes that were used for centuries, and especially in China where all the international brands are available so easily across the country today. However there is another locally extracted fragrance that has the rich and famous vying with each other to get a bit of this exotic fragrance on their body. Yes that is agarwood or Chen Xiang which was in ancient times used for religious functions and for its healing virtues.

Agarwood is endangered as well as exotic and coveted by the rich Chinese. It is described as a sweet, rich and earthy perfume which is one of the most exotic of fragrances put ahead of any other luxury product. In fact, even though a perfume lasts just for a few hours, and that’s all the money gone poof, people still want the Chen Xiang which also means wood with mellow fragrance. This amazing fragrance is extracted from the resin of the aquilaria and gyrinops trees which have developed a fungus due to which the resin is produced. Interesting isn’t it?


This tree is not commonly found today due to acute deforestation. Therefore they need to be cultivated and then artificially infected to produce the exotic Chen Xiang. No wonder then that the prices are astronomical. Unfortunately today, this fragrance is also artificially created and while this is no where near the smell of the original, it retains a commercial status as well. Can you believe that one gram of original Chen Xiang is more expensive than gold by a vast margin? Yes indeed, while the fragrance can set you back by 10,000 Yuan a gram, gold is only 260 Yuan a gram! Some price to pay!


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