France : New destination to get married

Each year many Chinese couples are getting married abroad and especially in France. What are the reasons that lead them to leave for their honeymoon? Why France prized much it? This is a new Business?
Multiple reasons for this.

In China, traditional marriages have become mere civil ceremonies during the Cultural Revolution. However from a scores of years, the Chinese attach particular importance to their wedding and spend a lot of money for the day, which also them to define themselves socially in society.

The success of France

France and Provence became in a few years the favorite destination for Chinese, thanks to the stunning success of the series unit called:  “Dreams behind a curtain of crystal”, which the Chinese are crazy.

Tours, a town in the heart of the Loire castles also knows its heyday as recently twenty-one Chinese couple have confirmed their unions in the town all of the city. The reasons for this enthusiasm for France:
The romantic side, luxury and cultural heritage steeped in history.
Chinese married come here seeking a “French” marriage, white dress, wedding veil and idyllic place.
Thus France became a perfect place, a paradise for young Chinese couple.


Chinese marriage

Industry Chinese weddings

Large numbers of organizations to manage Chine weddings have seen the day and especially travel agencies.
The goal is to support Chinese in France in steps of receiving, transfer, marriage and return.
All this with an attendant. Marriages groups are quite common in China, young Chinese couples married come on a tour in France, including Paris, Tours or Provence or with some relatives and agencies are responsible for all organization: A real Business.

It is like a Wedding Planer, but a targeted and specific place. It can even be a simple step while traveling in France. There is therefore a real business here to develop a promising market with strong growth potential.

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