2014 the new Mobile Marketing Strategy of Taobao

2014-3-8: Women’s Day.  New e- commerce marketing campaign, Jingdong has already begun an advertising campaign.

Ali Baba’s current marketing focuses on the phone Taobao, big market for ecommerce now in China.

Alibaba signed with a Korean star: Lee Min Ho who will be the spokesperson of this year’s Taobao phone.

taobao ads

Recently, a series of print ads and TVC has been released. Lee Min Ho status of women in China  is currently the highest, especially the impact of Korean, so that he keeps being in the minds of young Chinese women and has an important role and influence on them.


March 8 phone Taobao Life Festival

The theme of the event is to encourage everyone to take the phone out to go shopping.

The events show the Taobao phone determination O2O regard. Taobao mobile clients support O2O. Taobao mobile client can order, watch movies, shop… All of this is demonstrated in the ad, as the saying goes anywhere, and immediately buy it..

Currently, several cities have lots of subway transfer stations where there is various relevant advertising information.

Standing in front of colorful ads, Lee Min Ho handheld Taobao phone service, better life on Taobao into the current from the phone.


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