Fundraising Agency in China for Western Startups

Do you need to raise fund for your startup among Chinese Investors? We may be able to help you

We can assist you with these 2 main steps

1- PR, Word or Mouth and Marketing Support

2- Contact, Pitch Chinese Investors

How do we help you to find Chinese investors?

We attract Investment for your startup or Company.

PR campaign

Let the media speak about the company

Forum + Q&A

We create conversation around the Service or products of the startup

Wechat Marketing

We create a WeChat Account, WeChat eBrochure

Have a Chinese Website (and ranked on Baidu)

We increase the results of your startup on the search engine

Personal Branding

We will work on the Personal Branding of the funder

Work on your Storytelling

Put video, with some promotion (better to have a video with views)

Have a Chinese Website

For any business, it’s important to have a website. When you’re planning to enter the Chinese market, one of the most important points in every marketing strategy should be the creation of a website that focuses on the Chinese consumer.

China’s search engine market is dominated by Baidu with 82,2% of a market share. The process for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Baidu is completely different. In order to rank higher your website on Baidu, you need to use an SEO strategy for certain keywords that will bring you an immense marketing value.

Our many years of experience creating websites for the Chinese market has given us some key points to understand and get the advantage of this market. After the creation of your Chinese website, you should host our website in China, but we do recommend the hosting in Hong Kong or Singapour, which can limit the problem of loading speed and make our site more accessible for the Chinese user.


PR campaign

Our PR specialists are responsible for preparing topics so the Chinese audience will want to read about the subjects and share details. For a PR campaign to succeed, you need to make some research, a profound understanding of your target, and the ability to spread messages at the right time.

Native online media and news platforms have worked together over the past few years and offering plenty of opportunities for corporate storytelling and effective media relations.

We are a PR agency and we help clients increase their visibility via increased recognition on many popular editorial platforms. Public relations are a good investment for the brand and help them to get a strong the visibility that results in increased reputation.

Forum + Q&A

The biggest forums in mainland China are Zhihu,, Baidu Tieba, Douban… Considered as a Quora copycat, Zhihu has become China’s biggest knowledge sharing platform. In fact, Zhihu is a social answering website mostly used by Chinese with 160 million registered users, and more than 26 million daily users spending an hour on average on the site.  The platform also has a rather old population for a social App: 78.2% of its users are 25 years old or older.

Zhihu has a specific kind of users which could interest a lot of brands. Their typical audience is used to reading long articles and enjoy serious discussions. It has become the primary channel for users to learn expert insights on various topics from corresponding professionals.

Personal Branding of the funder

The personal branding is the marketing practice which allows people to market themselves and their career as brands. In China, the best way to make your personal branding is to use social media as a communication portal to reach your target.

Most importantly, your audience act based on the perceptions that you let them see, including the decision whether or not to accept you. Your personal brand is everything (as an entrepreneur), building, investing and developing your personal branding is essential whether you’re an entrepreneur. You are constantly projecting your startup, it’s important to ensure that your reputation accurately reflects your brand so that you can rise to your full potential.


Wechat Marketing

WeChat is the most widely used social network in China. It looks like Facebook but offers more features like booking a hotel room, buy movie tickets, pay their electricity bill or telephone, book a table at a restaurant, etc. Companies can create an official account or Wechat ebrochure. The Wechat account allows social network users to subscribe to news related to the company’s activities.

WeChat marketing has become a strong marketing strategy in China. It is not just a new marketing trend, but a must for companies that want to increase their presence in China.

Our agency helps you to create and manage your official account.

Work on your Storytelling

Storytelling is required creativity, vision, skill, and and it has become a crucial component of the most successful marketing campaigns. It sets apart vibrant companies from simple businesses and loyal consumers from one-time, stop-in shoppers. A good story, well told, can increase the awareness of your audience and give them a sense of personal connection with the teller.

  • Personal stories make you accessible, engaging and memorable.
  • Focus On The Audience For A True Connection
  • Be Authentic: Stories inspire emotional connections

Storytelling enables the startup to develop a deeper connection with their audience. It is a powerful method for learning about the brand legacy.

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Fundraising Agency in China for Western Startups

As startups, you will always need a Fundraising Agency if you want to reach the fundraising target in China. With 6yrs expertise in China investment, focused on international capital raising, VC, PE and Business Angels in China, we develop investors’ strategy and Lead Generation.

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