The best of “Chinglish”


Chinglish is the english language influenced by the chinese language, which is not always good translated. It is also called 中式英语 (Zhōngshì Yīngyǔ) in Chinese.

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Here are some funny examples:

enhanced-buzz-775-1376334349-19It means: Don’t drink and drive


enhanced-buzz-838-1376334164-53It means: Be careful not to slip and fall.


enhanced-buzz-14080-1376333274-5it means : Disposable items




enhanced-buzz-15753-1376333693-25It means: Fried duck


enhanced-buzz-21429-1376334277-72It means: Work in progress


enhanced-buzz-21433-1376333590-34It means: Carp from mainland China




enhanced-buzz-26219-1376335383-2It means: Do not step on the grass


enhanced-buzz-27462-1376081770-14It means: Vaginal Examination Room


enhanced-buzz-29071-1376336000-5It means: Non-recyclables


enhanced-buzz-29828-1376411831-6It means: Fire extinguisher


enhanced-buzz-30162-1376336079-0It means: please do not step on the grass


enhanced-buzz-31403-1376337640-9It means: Coconut jelly candy


enhanced-buzz-31458-1376333641-18It means: Please do not touch. We’ll help you try it on


enhanced-buzz-32545-1376333663-29It means: Minorities parc


enhanced-buzz-32597-1376335518-45It means: Important engine room

 chinglish1It means: disabled toilets


 cg2 It means: please don’t put lipstick on the clothes





th4It means: As this beautiful landscape is everybody’s home, please put the waste in the garbage


th5It means: don’t feed the monkeys




th7It means: Please keep chair on posotion and table clean after dining, thanks for you cooperation.




th10It means: Bathroom


th11 It means: Soap Opera


So, what do you think ?


Do you have other example, other links, please share it 😉