Gangnam style in Tourism


PSY gets popular by Gangnam Style and his horse riding dance. Not only had the show business from Korea benefited a lot from it but also tourism.

Now Gangnam Style has been packed as a tourism product.
The sauna house, horse stable, sightseeing bus what are just normal place become very attractive for tourists after their presence in PSY’s MV. As the biggest tourists resource country for Korea, China is the focus of this campaign.


Travel agency

The tourism agencies in China first catch the trend and make specialized tour service for Gangnam fans. Now most major tour agencies have made their tour service about Gangnam tour. In October, Tuniu, the biggest online tour service company, released a new tour service: 5-day tour in Gangnam, clearly aiming at the Gangnam market. In these trips made out by agencies, not only the places in the MV are included but also other leisure places like coffee house, shopping mall and beauty parlor.


Tourism bureau

Korea National Tourism Organization also notice the huge influence of Gangnam style. On the homepage of Korea National Tourism Organization in Chinese, you can see Gangnam style information in a clear place.

Home page of Korea National Tourism Organization


Cultural tour

It’s now already post-Golden Week season for tourism. Thanks to the political provocation of Japanese government and PSY, the number of Chinese tourists to Korea doesn’t decrease a lot.
It also shows that tourism attraction for Chinese can also be cultural trip not only sightseeing and shopping.