Important facts to understand Real Estate Market in China:

    • Real Estate market in China finish the Golden Age, and 50% of richest men in China get rich because they have invest in real Estate.

    • Every people in China know that buying flat make you rich… and the first Reflex of Chinese when they want to invest : Buying flats.

    • But… Now Chinese can not buy more than 3 flats, or they have to pay extra Taxes.

    • Real Estate market in China is not that good and consider as Risky by experts.

    • Chinese want to hide their money with safe investment and most of them know that having a flat is a safe value.


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How to generate clients requests for your real estate company ?

The online real estate market in China is growing day by day. The Chinese are getting wealthier, so they inevitably look for better comfort and a better environment. No more pollution, no more confined areas, they now see things big. They select carefully their homes in order to be fully satisfied. Thus, for all real estate professionals, this is a huge opportunity. But then how to generate leads in the real estate field? Decryption with some essential points.

Show up on the first page of Chinese search engine

sogou seo

To generate new leads constantly, it is very important to be on the first page of Chinese search engines. Among these you can find Qihoo 360, Sogou, but the biggest of them all is the inevitable Baidu, standing for the local Google. If you are not on the first page of these search engines, you will lose more than 60% of the traffic, and therefore opportunities to convert leads.

To appear in a good position, you need to do SEO – Search Engine Optimization. For this, you need to include appropriate and carefully selected keywords in order to attract your leads at the best. It should also make sure your content is true and sharp, while using the backlinks to increase your confidence index, and thus raise the ranking of your website on different search engines. More information about PPC here.

Do PPC on Baidu : SEM Strategy

In terms of lead generation in the real estate field, you must at all costs be visible, otherwise leads will never come to you. So you should opt for PPC campaigns on Baidu, because this is where it is the most effective. The natural results will appear at the bottom of page when searching, while sponsored results (paid) will appear in the first positions. Using PPC is a very good operation. Our experts are available to advise you, so do not hesitate!

An optimal content !

content attract

Optimal content will attract leads. To generate leads, you must be attractive. Thus, the articles on your websites should be well written, without spelling mistakes and with a coherent structure. This is one of the keys to attracting customers. in this special case of the real estate field, you must be also attractive. So, take care of your articles, take care of your photos, be rigorous in the information you give, check them carefully.


You can also add videos…

Lead Generation Campaign

You have to set up a working process to increase your visibility, your reputation online, get visitors and get lead (asking)

Exemple in Real Estate in China:

200 000$ budget

400 000 visitors

100 medias speak about the Company

1 Million exposure on social Media

8 000 leads / year

Videos: the new trend

In the world of digital, video is the new weapon to get the attention of Internet users. Indeed, they do not require much concentration but just little effort. You just have to launch and it’s done, you just have to watch. Your users don’t have to focus on your articles anymore, they will also be more attentive to your speech if the video is well done. A quality video will allow your visitors to trust you. And then, they will want to contact you. Thus, to generate leads in the real estate field, do not hesitate to publish presentation videos of the different services available in your company straight on the pages of your websites.


Newsletters via email WeChat: Stay connected!

Your potential leads may be interested in your services, but so far, they can take time to come to you for X or Y reason. So in order to keep their attention, invite them to subscribe to your Official WeChat account. When they subscribe, they have direct access to your newsletters. So they will have direct news that will come to them on their cellphone. You can also choose to have the QR code of your official account directly on your website. When it will be time for them to make a decision, they will know who to choose to select the property of their dreams because you were able to keep their attention!

wechat Agency



Encourage People to contact you!

AB tasting is very important to optimize your traffic conversion.

Still in the lead generation in real estate, it is vital for your leads to be able to contact you. Otherwise, you will not, under any circumstances, transform these leads. So be sure to show the contact icons on your web pages, so that your leads have no difficulty to contact you if they want. You can feature different icons for different means of contact you have. Thus, the contact will be easier and your leads will have the option they better like. Although any serious businessman better likes emails of course!

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