Do you want to get more from the Chinese market (customers, investors, etc..)? First, you could rent an office, hire some local staff (who are not cheap anymore) . This could work but you will need to spend a lot of money like a fashionable Chinese name “tu hao” (土豪, nouveau riche). If you re a “non tu hao” like me, you might want to use PUSH channels.

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Chinese Market

  1. 650 million internet users in China, among. 86% of them are on phones (2014). The Internet is THE top priority of any good marketing program in China
  1. Two new trends: “online marketing” and “cross-border e-Commerce” which enable you to sell products to your target customers abroad;
  2. China is the largest E-commerce market in the world =  e-tailing volume over 500 billion USD in 2015 itself;
  1. Chinese online consumers buy foreign products through:
    1. C2C channel (customers to customers) via individual purchasing agents located outside China
    2. B2C platforms (business to customers), which are either mailed directly from abroad or from bonded warehousing in China. In 2013, 18 million Chinese consumers bought overseas products online representing a total value of $35 billion (US).


How could to reach this potential market of 650 million people?

Make sure you know your potential customers

  • Age
  • Points of interest: Immigration, European lifestyle, baby nutrition, …
  • How to better reach them: Social media, online forums, apps, online games, …
  • Could they trust you and your product? Do you have any bad press on any platforms


In summary, do your homework before thinking of setting up a marketing strategy. If you don’t have the internal resources to go through that process then hire a professional China-focused ting marketing agent like Goglo who have local knowledge & network and easy to communicate with.

1 of the key element of your strategy is to choose to select the right and most effective marketing channels in China to build up brand image.


Marketing channels in China can be categorized into three groups:

  • Push channels
  • Community marketing
  • Word of Mouth marketing


In this article, we will focus on the Push channels.

Two more serial articles will follow to introduce Community marketing and Word of Mouth marketing.


Push Channels

With Push channels you will PUSH your name/products/services directly to your target market: in China, marketers sometimes call it “hard advertisements” (ying guang gao). It is a direct and traditional way to introduce your products/services to customers and it can be divided as follow:


Online Advertisement

1Search Engine: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing, pay per click)

In China, Baidu is the dominant search engine (with a market share of 70% and more); Others like Bing, sougou have the rest of the market shares (Google is banned).

Baidu has different modular:

  • Tieba (consists of massive different online forums)
  • Zhidao (like wikihow)
  • Jingyan, Wenku (like slideshare)
  • Baike (like wikipedia)

2) Web Directory: or online “yellow page”, i.e.,,, etc.;

3) Advertisement Alliance: Baidu Union, Sougou Union, 163 union, etc.;

4) News Feed:, toutiao, Momo, Youdao, etc.;

5) Cost per impression: tencent, sina,, etc.;

see Business in China at the digital Age 

TV and newspaper if you want to target the Old generation

1) TV: CCTV or regional TV

2) Newspaper: i.e. People Daily, 21jingji, etc.;

3) Magazines: travel, car, economy & finance, etc,;

4) Radio station: i.e. City FM, Music FM.



Out OF Home (OOH) : for Urban Consumers

1) Media companies: i.e. Focus Media, Bus Online, etc;

2) Subway/metro: high exposure, but very expensive;

3) Bus: inside/outside of buses; bus stops;

4) Others: outdoors, railway station, airport, cinemas, highway banners, etc..

The Metro/subway in China are full of commercials

china, subway, metro

Trade and Associations, for Professionals and geolocalized Business

On-Ground promotion

Hire students/part-timers to in popular places to spread your message.



Attend seminars and exhibitions to nurture your network and talk to your potential customers.


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