Different brands from around the world are now entering China’s online market. With the Chinese getting the top spot as the biggest internet population in the world, everyone wants to join in, though it is not as easy as it seems. The Chinese online market is very complex and complicated, and there are a lot of rules to take in mind. Afterwards, entering the Chinese online market doesn’t guarantee success or online sales or increase investors or additional clients; it needs proper marketing for the people to see it, for the people to recognize your product.

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Digital marketing

Unlike your ordinary company marketing, digital marketing doesn’t need people going through business travels or exhibitions to get clients, and doesn’t need to call, follow-up call, and possibly be rejected after a thousand processes done. Digital marketing lets you stay at the comfort of your office, checking your website, enjoying the company of your workmates, in an air-conditioned room.

Traditional marketing is effective yes, but digital marketing is better in China.

Digital marketing in China is basically the same as the digital marketing outside of China, just that all languages on your marketing platforms should be in simplified Chinese Mandarin, and the websites and search engines used are in Chinese and have a different set of rules than on Google or Facebook or the like.

How to get customers through digital marketing?

There are a lot of ways in getting customers from digital marketing, but the best one would be through search engine optimization. 90% of product purchases will start their search on the internet using search engine platforms, so we need to make sure they find you there.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic or a number of visitors to your website on the search engine to obtain high ranking positions in the search engine results page. Here in China the search engines you have to be on is Baidu with about 70% market share. Studies show that people searching on different search engine platforms only get up to the second of the results pages, which means that to be seen and have permanent visibility, your website should be on the first two top pages of that search engine.

  • Set a website in Chinese. To market to Chinese people, they have to understand you and you have to understand them. A clear and concise website in simplified Chinese characters creates a bridge to the language barriers available on both sides. Also, search engines in China prefer websites in Chinese or those websites registered in China and have the “.cn”.
  • Website hosted in ChinaA website hosted in China could guarantee faster loading time than that hosted in another country. At the same time, websites hosted outside China could get a few penalties from search engines in China as the government will have a harder time tracking your website in the Great Firewall of China.

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Community management

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Every business should study their market with making connections and thorough researches before entering the market field. With more than 600 million internet users in China today and most of them into social networking sites, businesses should also register and join to connect properly with the target at hand. The most famous social networking sites in China are QZone, WeChat, and Sina Weibo. It is mandatory for businesses to join these networking platforms to be known by the Chinese market.

Key opinion leaders (KOL)



Key opinion leaders are the famous outspoken faces in the online world of China. Using them to promote your brand in a very positive way could mean instant brand awareness to a lot of their followers.

Online promotion

online promotion banner

Many, if not all, businesses in China are promoting their products in services through the internet with some using direct promotion with banners in the internet while others using Buzz or public relations.

Product placement

commercial placement in china

Film and television is still very alive in China today. A movie watched by millions could make a lasting memory for the viewers. Your ice cream brand given to the damsel in distress could indicate a trend of giving your ice cream brand to those damsels in distress the male population want to court. Product placement marketing could brand in the real emotion of the product and influence greatly the viewers at that time.


There are a lot of other ways to get customers through digital marketing. Compared to the traditional marketing, digital marketing is more cost efficient and effective, which makes it recommended to all businesses planning to invest in China.

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