Oh My God! Givenchy made a special custom for 2d girl


Givenchy after LV also takes the super popular actress in the world of 2D, Haute Couture completely made gown according to the Japanese virtual idol Miku. From the following Givenchy design director Riccardo Tisci and Hatsune future photo, the modeling is full of dramatic elements, Haute Couture gown also let the heroine be more “Queen fan”, and there’s difference between the general impressions of “otaku icon”.


But exactly, who is Miku? In fact, she is 9 years old this year (Japanese: Hatsune ——– kuru / puppet report ne ——– kuru Hatsune Miku, Chinese circle commonly referred to as “Hatsune Miku”), was born in 2007, is based by CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA with Yamaha’s VOCALOID series of speech synthesis procedure, audio data is sampling from Japanese seiyuu Fujita Misaki. For domestic people, the more familiar voice is the song “Ievan Polkka”, has been translated into Chinese version, and nearly everyone knows that.


The 2D popular female singer, her birth has greatly changed the people’s view on the future music industry, as well as related to other peripheral derivatives. You should know, Miku has held many concerts, the scene were occupied by indoors men. Through front-projected holographic display, Hatsune Miku sings on the stage, when the lights went out, it’s common to see fans screaming in the audience.


On the other hand, Hatsune’s entertainment future is becoming more and more open. She’s not only the opening guest on Lady Gaga’s world tour concert, also opened in Seattle’s North American tour, and Givenchy also saw the potential , presumably in the future, the cooperation of 2D and 3D will become more and more frequent, the surprise will be more.



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