The China cosmetics sector is boomig at an average growth of 20 % YOY and becomes increasingly diverse. However, Chinese customers, with their increase in buying power become more demanding, requiring better quality products

Furthermore, the Internet has completely become part of the Chinese way of life (45% penetration rate of the Internet, 618 million users) that expanding your business into the Chinese market means a good presence on the Chinese Internet as well.

To sell well in the cosmetics industry in China, you need to work correctly your brand image using the right digital tools.

E -reputation

The cosmetics sector has often been affected by cases of fake products or health and safety problems that have made customers very distrustful. Most of the time, they only want to use well-known products that have been used by many other customers before or have been deemed safe and good by experts.

You need to have a good e-reputation to bypass these obstacles you need to use SEO/SEM on Baidu, the most used Search Engine in China with more than 70% market share.

Besides, you need to increase your visibility on the SERP (Search engine result page.

Why is that? Simply because if your website ranks high on the webpage the customer will think that your brand has a good reputation and therefore will be more inclined to trust your brand. So, you have to achieve a high ranking on the keywords most relevant to your offer and services in order to be able to efficiently reach the market segment you are targeting. This will ultimately leads to an increase in your sales since more netizens will come looking more information about your brand

SEO fleches

Quality content

High quality content will serve several purposes:

  • First, it shows your expertise, your knowledge of the needs of your client, and how to meet them.
  • Second, add articles showing how to properly use your products. Clients prefers to use what they know to use best rather than a product whose use is unfamiliar.


So above you can see an article on how to properly distribute its makeup to the face from the site of Yoka . This kind of article is well appreciated by Chinese customers. This is often from this kind of article that the Chinese learn how to apply makeup. These items are very important as they can help you increase your chances of retaining customers who usually is not very faithful to you by publicizing their first use of makeup.

In addition, not only your quality content will make your client want to stay longer on your website and get to know your brand better. It will also motivate him to share it and spread it through social networks

Online PR

Contacting online journals in the field of cosmetics brings the legitimacy necessary to increase the user confidence in your brand of cosmetics. This legitimacy is brought to you by newspapers or blogs featuring cosmetics through their own reputation.The editors gives their opinions about your products, will allow you to have better visibility to Chinese customers through their readers. This in turn, spreads a positive message about your brand at the same time as citing newspapers in which they have heard about it. Therefore the ideal is to get published in specialized journals in highly reputable cosmetics journals A good example of online journal specializing in cosmetics is Fushi Meirong in the print screen below :

Fushimeirong website


Here you can see promotional videos and articles explaining the proper use of cosmetics. This journal is a typical example of the type of online news papers where you want to publish content and promote your brand and your products.


Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM)

Internet Word of Mouth is all about social networks, Weibo, Wechat among others. To check this you need to do community management to manage information in order to put forward a positive message about your brand and you create and retain a community. This community will bring few leads directly obtained compared to its size. However, it still is very important since it will maintain discussions and exchange about your brand, exchanges that potential customers are sure to pay attention to.




High quality pictures and videos

Cosmetics are all about appearance and dream. When Chinese Internet goes on your site it must give them a good browsing experience. So you must have images of very good quality, well-designed and very effective story-telling videos. The latter is well-liked among Chinese customers


This advertisement from the Chinese cosmetic brand Lanchen (蓝秀)is well designed and quickly shows the message the brand wants to express : through the use of this brand, sensuality and beauty are within your grasp.

Why? This is because of the young, beautiful, and well, yet very simply, dressed lady. Her dress and the plain background are made to highlights the young woman face and the make up she wears that makes her so beautiful. The second part of the message is given by all the cosmetics on the right, suggesting that they were used to get that result. The beauty of this picture is that you don’t even have to understand Chinese to understand the brand message.  Here we are dealing with really good content, well-designed to sell the dream and clear message to the customer.

If you want to have a better idea of what it is possible to do for promoting your cosmetics brand in China using pictures and videos tailored according to your needs go and check here


Expert recognition or KOL

Finally, it is best to obtain recognition of influential people in the field of cosmetics. They can be divided into two categories:

Industry experts.

They are people who have a good experience of what is happening in the Chinese cosmetics industry whose word will have a lot of weight on the quality of the product or its benefits that can differentiate it from other similar products.

KOL : Key Opinion Leaders.

They are found most often on social networks like Weibo. Typically these are not necessarily well-known in the real world but have a real influence in social networks. Continuing the above example of the online newspaper Fushi Meirong, check out below how many followers they have. I would count Fushi Meirong as an expert in the Cosmetics industry rather than a KOL.


As you can see the weibo account is followed by no less than 1.4 million people, this is a pretty strong community. If you play your cards right using the services of experts in digital marketing

Getting the recognition and support of this kind of expert or KOL can be a very important asset to improving your visibility. You simply have to choose the right KOL or industry experts to make sure that you obtain the desired effect.


 In conclusion, paying attention to these key points will afford you to being able to seize the numerous opportunities available on the cosmetic market is China. This market is still in a growth phase and does not appear to reaching its maturity state anytime soon. Feel free to find appropriate targets for your strategy and develop your business in China. This is whether you are a SME or a multinational in the cosmetics sector.

Let’s not forget that digital tools are the best to increase your visibility, your reputation, your leads and therefore your sales in China. This is a country with 618 million Internet users. Experts in the Chinese digital market, with a good knowledge of the cosmetics industry in China, we can help you promote your brand.

Feel free to ask for our case study to learn more about our expertise and contact us to know what solution we provide to meet your needs and expectations.

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