How do you convey the whole content of your advertisement campaign to a customer staying a few minutes?

The average netizen will spend only a few minutes on a website. In those circumstances how can you convey all of your advertisement message, all your arguments to have him buy your brand products?

It’s impossible.

If you only use plain text. Here we will firstly see why pictures and videos are the most adapted forms of content to attract people attention. Second the effects of the use of image and videos for a digital marketing campaign will be discussed before finishing onto Gentlemen Marketing Agency new service : video making and graphic design

Why are images and videos so important to succeed in your digital marketing campaign?

Mankind is an evolved animal species that has had its brain wired to interpret visual signals in order to survive in a real environment. Writing is a concept made by and for human but it is not the type of content we are the most comfortable with.

That is a picture, or a video

graphic design services 4

Indeed, the human brain interprets visual signals 60000 times faster than plain text. In other words, a netizen on your website will learn content coming from image and video about your brand 60000 faster than if he were only reading text. He would therefore have the occasion to learn more about your brand during those few minutes by the use of pictures and videos.

According to a study from MDG advertising, any content including relevant pictures will receive 94% more visitors than one that has no picture in it.

This translates into 94% more chances for customers to buy your brand products.

These figures show how critical visual content is for a successful digital marketing strategy

In average people remember 80% of a picture, 20% of a text and 10% of a sound. For the maximum effect you have to publish multi content articles that will have the most lasting impact on your targets. This hybrid strategy will ensure that the prospecting netizen will want to stay longer on your website, increasing the chances that he will buy your brands products

What are the visible effects of using video and images in a digital marketing strategy?

On a particular topic 40% more positive comment will be generated by the use of pictures and videos. Since people share and spread what they like this translates into a lot more sharing and a wider audience being reached.

Here are a few figures to give you an idea :

  • Facebook, in September 2013 has published a report saying that 350 pictures were uploaded daily
  • Snapchat, in November the same year announced 400 million pictures uploaded daily.

These figures are the consequences of the visual content far greater appeal to mankind. Not only do pictures and videos provide information but they also take part in emotional involvement that will impact the decision making process especially when it is about cosmetics, luxury or fashion, all three needing their client emotional response.

Logically you need high quality visual content that will trigger a positive emotion in order to incitate your consumer to share your content and ultimately buy your products

From now on, this is possible at Gentlemen Marketing Agency for your digital marketing campaign in China with our latest service : graphic design and video production.


Here below are a few examples starting with the pictures :

0stree Photo agency 2 Photo agency3

Here are a few videos


Do you want to have your own high quality pictures and videos for a digital marketing campaign in China?

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