Guest Post on ‘Competition Apps’ by Shane Gammage, a media specialist and manager of social network solutions (based in Norwich, UK).

It is vital for companies to increase engagement whilst capturing data.

Social Media Competition Apps are an essential tool to lift your brand to new levels within social media. They help you to increase your following across all social platforms whilst capturing essential data to add to your mailing list. The apps can increase the number of followers your business has over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and SoundCloud. We maximise the number of people who enter your promotion by networking your app via our huge social media following of over 3.5 million people. We design, set up and install your app and send you a results report including a full entrants list at the end of the promotion.

Promotional apps are held mainly within your Facebook page and/or website. This brings your site customers onto your social media and vice versa. Giving users an incentive to visit and follow your social platforms will encourage an increase in the pages’ growth, kick start an influx of new followers, and of course build user engagement and interaction. We have a number of app features for you to take advantage of, anything from answering a question to uploading a video.

Not only do our apps capture followers, names and email addresses, we also set a ‘Viral Sharing’ option as standard as a chance for your entrants to share and spread the word to gain bonus entries. We have a number of other features for you to take advantage of to collectively increase your following across multiple social platforms, and even drive traffic to your website. Generally a promotional app will gather on average around 2000 entries per month, though number’s as high as 9000 have been hit in this time, lifting the brands following significantly.

Collaborative promotions with bloggers could also be the perfect way to give your social platforms a huge boost & attract new crowds of customers/consumers. We have a network of over 11,000 bloggers via The Blogger Program and setting up a social promotion with bloggers/influencers is a great way to get your brand in front of their audience. We would suggest relevant bloggers that we think would be the perfect fit to represent your brand, we would then liaise with the blogger and yourself, to discuss the perfect product/prize to feature in the promotion. Once agreed, the blogger would then feature the product(s) across their social platforms and blogs offering their followers the chance to win the prize and in turn, direct their vast following to your social media. This is an incredibly effective solution.



We asked Shane some further questions to assess how Chinese social media is perceived abroad.

What is your perception of social networking in China? 

I specialize in digital marketing on social networks popular in the west, it seems like a very different networking landscape which many western firms will have little experience of. I would imagine a very different skill set is required.

What do you think of western brands potential in China? 

With such a sizable market to potentially tap into there must be huge potential in China. Social media marketing is highly successful in the UK, we deliver significant results for companies through a well-developed campaign, I am sure in China it is no different.

How do you think western brands should begin to engage with this market? 

Partnering with a specialist agency would be the most effective method, this would allow firms to utilize their knowledge, connections and overcome language or cultural barriers.


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