We welcome the reputable ‘Social Network Solutions’ to provide some insight into building your network.

When it comes to social media, networking is a vital aspect of work to continually develop your brand’s online presence whilst achieving an increased following. Influencing users from all walks of life that will be interested in the products or services you have to offer is a necessity in being noticed across the frantic world of social media. Whilst every piece of content that you post is important for growing your business online, the ability to like, share and re-post this information on to larger social media pages is where your business will really start to notice a new level of interaction, growth and a phenomenal reach.

Curating content to best represent your company takes time, effort and a real passion for your product, but with few people organically seeing content on Facebook, regardless of if they’re already a fan or not, it’s important to find new ways to reach out to a large audience to market towards. With Facebook limiting organic post reach to less than just 6% of your existing audience, injecting a budget into paid advertising is tempting – and for sure, this method is great to hone in on a specific demographic, but it can become costly pretty quickly… 

Here at SNS, organic networking is an integral part of what we do. With a network of over 3.5 million followers on Facebook alone, and with a viral weekly reach of up to 9 million users, our networking pages have shown some incredible results to take note of. Our community pages cover a variety of categories – from fashion to food and travel to beauty, all of which are vital to drive new traffic to our clients’ social media platforms and in-turn, increase their following and website hits. Alongside our own pages, we also regularly work with online magazines, blogger platforms, forums and other large social media communities to truly get the best out of striving to reach new people.

On a daily basis, not only are we able to like, share and comment on your brand’s content in order to help grow its reach, we’re also able to re-post published content directly from these larger communities to help drive traffic back to your social media profiles and furthermore, your website.

Think of it like a conveyor belt – Attracting followers of community pages to interact with your content, land on your social media pages and join the party. They’ll then of course see regular updates from your business and will continue to interact and build engagement as time progresses, not to mention heading over to your website when the time’s right! 

So how do we make sure these audiences are attracted to your business? When it comes to creating posts, it is always worth keeping in mind what will network successfully and encourage the greatest reactions. Content should be relatable and engaging, asking questions to evoke a response and incorporating imagery that is not only relevant & aspirational but eye-catching too, maybe even funny. As a digital marketing agency that works with a whole host of clients, we ensure our posts reflect your brand’s identity whilst achieving enough of a relatable tone to provoke interest.

What else do we consider when creating content to make the most out of a networkable audience? Avoid making posts too sales-ey – users won’t appreciate this approach and will respond better to content that reflects the brand values without feeling like you have an agenda! No one wants to be force-fed before they buy, get them interested, involved, and they’ll flock to you. It goes without saying that you want to use appropriate imagery and language too – whilst a controversial post may appeal to you as an individual, and no doubt it will #BreakTheInternet, we don’t want to upset anyone and staying neutral as a respectable and reputable brand is key.

Another aspect to bear in mind when networking content is the time in which you post, or indeed share. Key times include evenings and mornings – think about all those users on their phones during their daily commute or online after work. It’s really important to maximise your reach and posting at the optimum time will have a huge impact on the level of reaction you’ll achieve. 

Overall, networking provides a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences and potential new customers. Recent stats have shown that over 1.3 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook every minute of every day – now that’s a lot to get our heads around, but it shows the way in which people are currently using the platform, and so all the more reason to ensure your content is noticeable and attractive to a wide audience!

SNS is a digital marketing agency specialising in social media management, creative design and email & influencer marketing. For more information on utilising our online network, community pages, or any of our other services, take a look at our website here or get in touch at [email protected].