Harbin, Ice Festival : just wonderfull !

On January 5, this frosty wonderland in northern China features beautifull sculptures made from massive ice blocks and illuminated with colorful lights. The festival has drawn a combined 28.5 million visitors in the past 2 years.

7 000 artists with more than 4 million cubic feet of ice, unleash them into a 6,458,400 square-foot space and task them with creating a magical winter wonderland? The result is an exhibition of extravagant Castles, the Colosseum or the “Empire State Building”, all made with ice blocks from the frozen Songhua River.

Harbin : Top tourism city in Winter

Harbin Ice Festival is every year a monumental project the scale.

The Harbin Ice Festival is a relative to the winter circuit, but has exploded onto the scene in a major way to become the largest festival of its kind on the planet.

The 30th anniversary event in 2014, which opened to the public is no exception. In fact, it is on an even grander scale than ever before, with big-name sponsors and an estimated 1 million international visitors expected to explore the frozen realm before it melts.

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