The Trends of Engineering Machines Industry in China

As the fast development of the west and central part of China, the demand from this market is also increasing at an astonishing speed.

china hinterland

The next target for engineering machine manufacturers is also this region.

1. Second-tier cities are taking in overstocks from the first-tier cities

After Olympic Games, Expo, the Asian Games and Games for university students hold in the first-tier cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the overstock of engineering machines becomes a more and more serious problem.

However, the demand from second and third-tier of cities rises which make the overstock which make it a trend that second-tier cities are taking in overstocks from the first-tier cities.

engineering machine pic 12. Overstocks from coastal area go to middle and western part of China

2 facts lead to this trend:

1) the West and Central area development strategy;

2) lack of engineering machines in west and central provinces while there is a lot overstocks in the coastal area.

Especially big groups like Shenzhen Hailin, Shanghai Tengfa enter to western and central China market with high-class, big-size.

What will change?

The targets for engineering machine producers changes from big companies to hinterland customers. And with the change with the local environment and also way of business, the machine manufacturers have to adapt themselves, both business manner and products, to the new market. For example, people from hinterland usually are more patriotic than those from coastal area which means the negociation strategy should be different.

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